2022 Prize Bridge Awards | Architectural Competition

2022 Prize Bridge Awards AISC

Architectural Competition: 2022 Prize Bridge Awards

The craft of planning and building excellent, productive, prudent, and supportable steel spans has been polished for over a century. The American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) dispatched its Prize Bridge Competition in 1928 as an approach to grandstand the excellence of steel spans.

Since the Sixth Street Bridge won the main contest in 1928, in excess of 300 extensions have won in front of the pack in an assortment of classifications, and something like an identical number of scaffolds has gotten a legitimacy or noteworthy notice grant for completing as second place. In general, this opposition has perceived in excess of 600 scaffolds of all sizes from all over the United States.

The present contest perceives spans on a biennial premise, with champs getting acknowledgment during the North American Steel Construction Conference/World Steel Bridge Symposium. Keeping with custom, spans are qualified for the opposition dependent on the date they originally opened to traffic.

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