An innovative fitting room concept for fashion retail

An innovative fitting room concept for fashion retail

For The Brick & Mortar business, Ilaria Marelli Design Office designs a fitting room concept.

What if you could combine the best of the online purchase; the ability to shop whenever and wherever you want, the “you may also like” advice, and user ratings; proximity, the physical presence of the product, dressing rooms to try on clothes, and the purchase as a social event? The fashion store is a space for many areas to display products in different sizes, changing rooms, and a warehouse.

Ilaria Marelli Design has been working on a fashion format for a few months now, to improve customer service while simultaneously shrinking store sizes, based on a new interaction logistic that is both effective and pragmatic, as well as friendly.

We could use online services to access product references and make the first selection – to share decisions with friends. Then schedule reservations and pick the selection in a physical store in a form of democratization of high fashion boutiques.

Therefore, the actual store becomes fitting rooms, which we no longer hide in the back of the sales space. We must remember that the dressing room is the location where we make purchasing decisions; thus, it should be the most crucial in terms of contact!

With a smaller portion of the display dedicated to the season’s “must-have” items and screens and workstations to entertain and display catalogs and options, the costs of online delivery are optimized, solving the problem of “last mile” delivery for a single product – more cost-effectively and sustainably, and lowering the costs of renting sales spaces, warehouse management, and staff.

This format, which we had designed in a “pre-coronavirus” era, was for both huge internet players and quick fashion chains, who might benefit from the format to manage smaller and territorialized distribution points due to their organizational management skills and need to “get real”.


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