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A global destination for heritage, culture and nature: Saudi Arabia unveils $15 billion AlUla master plan

Saudi Arabia has presented the master plan for its massive cultural project at AlUla. It details an ambitious program of archaeological research and conservation “to protect, preserve and sustainably rejuvenate” one of the world’s oldest and largest cultural landscapes.   Spanish archaeologist Jose Ignacio Gallego Revilla, executive director of archaeology, heritage research and conservation at […]

In Saudi Arabia, the Red Sea Giga project connects people and equipment

The Red Sea Development Company (TRSDC), one of the developers of the world’s most ambitious tourism project, is deploying an IoT-based security solution for its workforce and fleet of vehicles on the west coast of Saudi Arabia.   The IoT solution provided by Actility & Abeeway will be deployed by MachinesTalk, which will leverage a […]

Saudi Arabia’s “Vision 2030” plan: a challenge for the Kingdom’s economic sustainability

In April 2016, Saudi Arabia presented the Vision 2030 plan, a development program put in place by the government to move the country away from its dependence on oil and diversify its economy. To achieve this goal, the plan includes promoting renewable energy and the private sector.   Launched in April 2016 under the aegis […]

Jean Nouvel’s crazy project in the desert sands of Saudi Arabia

Jean Nouvel's crazy project in the desert sands of Saudi Arabia

It is an understatement to say that the new project of architect Jean Nouvel is breathtaking. The 2008 Prizker Prize (the Nobel Prize for Architecture) winner from Fumel, unveiled last Wednesday what will be Shaaran, an incredible underground hotel in Saudi Arabia, located in the heart of the Sharaan Nature Reserve. “Its designs are inspired […]

[The industry is crazy] Saudi Arabia wants to construct a gigantic city with a total length of 170 kilometers

Saudi Arabia has unveiled a huge project of a linear city over 170 kilometers in the northwest of the country. This urban complex, which is supposed to embody the city of the future, is intended to be CO2 emission-free and car-free.   Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salmane recently unveiled his crazy plan to […]

Artistic attempt to dismantle elements of Saudi art

Artistic attempt to dismantle elements of Saudi art, The art of the world heritage has always been recognized in the art of Saudi cultural heritage. It has been described by the catcher Al-Assiri as one of the most prominent forms of Saudi art, which is composed of geometric and floral glazes combined in different colors. […]

Saudi Cup design competition

About the competition Based on the Architecture and Design Authority’s keenness to discover and support local talents in the fields of architecture and design, the Authority launched the “Architecture and Design Competitions” initiative aimed at the fields that fall under its umbrella, so that this competition will be titled (The Saudi Cup Design Competition), which […]

UNESCO seeks to preserve cultural heritage

UNESCO seeks to preserve cultural heritage, Architecture has always centered on permanence and time by defining it with physical conditions, where how we build is closely related to what we preserve and how we visualize the future. UNESCO is an organization that continues to study the relationship between history, growth, conservation and change, promoting international […]