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a sky-high oasis in brazil


Leblon, Brazil has seen the completion of a contemporary new residence by Agencia TPBA, the House in Leblon. This unique home defies the limitations of a dense urban environment by creating a private sanctuary twnty-five meters above the ground. The defining feature of the House in Leblon is its 20×10 meter green perimeter. This facade acts as a functional filter, mediating the relationship between the interior and exterior. Constructed with a precise modular structure of steel profiles and built-in planters, the green enclosure provides much-needed privacy from the surrounding buildings. At the same time, it frames the picture postcard skyline of Rio de Janeiro, creating a constant connection to its context.

house leblon agencia TPBAimages © Javier Agustin Rojas



agencia tpba’s gardened house in leblon


Stepping inside Agencia TPBA‘s House in Leblon, visitors are greeted by an open and airy space flooded in natural light. A portion of the roof is made of lightweight glass, creating a solarium pavilion. This area is shaded by a wooden screen, allowing residents to enjoy the patterned sunlight without the harsh glare or rain. The supporting structure is equally innovative — double columns crafted from mirror-polished stainless steel tubes hold the roof aloft, leaving the central axis free for a system of frameless sliding glass panels. These panels seamlessly enclose the space, offering complete control over the indoor environment.

house leblon agencia TPBA



a garden retreat outside rio de janeiro


The green space of the House in Leblon extends beyond the initial enclosure as Agencia TBPA organizes an open area paved with wood alongside soft grass completes the garden experience. This space is further enhanced by the presence of an outdoor shower, perfect for rinsing off after a refreshing swim or just enjoying the elements. Here, an interesting architectural element is a mirrored cylinder — a seemingly innocuous and sculptural element which serves to conceal a large ventilation system while providing a discreet storage area for maintenance equipment.


The architects have purposely designed the home’s interiors to be free from predefined functions. This ‘indeterminate interior’ allows residents to create their own experience. A place for quiet contemplation, a haven for hobbies and creative pursuits, or a space to escape the city below. In this sense, the House in Leblon goes beyond the traditional definition of a home, offering residents the freedom to define their own oasis.

house leblon agencia TPBA house leblon agencia TPBA house leblon agencia TPBA

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