Alps cocoons – Staying pods in the alps

Alps cocoons - Staying pods in the alps | شرانق جبال الألب - قرون البقاء في جبال الألب

Architecture Competition: Alps cocoons – Staying pods in the alps

In locations like these everyone’s priority is to visit and experience the scenic place through exploration, adventure, and a peaceful mindset. Thus, there is scope for architectural interventions that help amplify and slow down the wonderful experience. As time passes, providing such interventions at every spot becomes a challenge.

As the tourists aim for an intimate visit to the alps they also expect some comfortable amenities. What can be done to give them both exploration and comfort? 

Brief: This challenge of the competition is to explore and innovate the concept of staying pods which are to be built in the heart of the Swiss Alps.

The staying pods shall aim to enrich and revive the tourist experience and expand their horizon. These pods are expected to act as a comfortable refuge to the hikers and travelers by providing them with cozy pods in iconically scenic locations that bring them one step closer to their natural abode.

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