‘cappy’ is an interactive table lamp that you can flirt with


interactive cap-shaped lampshade by studio YUUE


Designer Weng Xinyu from Berlin-based studio YUUE introduces Cappy, an interactive table lamp designed to create emotional bonds between humans and daily objects. To switch on the light, users can simply lift the cap-shaped lampshade, as if they were playfully teasing a romantic interest. To switch off the light, all they have to do is tap on the lamp gently. 

cappy interactive lamp 2
all images by Joshua Jara


Cappy is composed of a cap-shaped lampshade and a geometric base, all made of plastic. The functional luminaire adds an eye-catching contemporary element to any interior setting, while it can also charge your smartphone wirelessly. It is available in different colors, with black, white, grey, and even dark red accents.


With this project, Weng Xinyu of studio YUUE intended to create a fun, interactive lighting product that responds directly to the human touch. 

cappy interactive lamp 3

cappy interactive lamp 4

cappy interactive lamp 5

cappy interactive lamp 6

cappy interactive lamp 7

cappy interactive lamp 8

cappy interactive lamp 9

cappy interactive lamp 10


project info:



name: Cappy Lamp
designer: Weng Xinyu (YUUE)



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