Central air conditioning (duct split) its advantages and ways to benefit from it

Central air conditioning (duct split) its advantages and ways to benefit from it

We can see the general trend by the customer in recent years towards installing central air conditioning inside the house,

and it has become a basic and thought about it as an initial step,

especially for new homes, so that it does not affect the shape of the decoration,

and as a result of changing weather factors, the difficulty of the summer period,

and high temperature; increased the importance of the conditioner and the evolution of its types and forms,

accompanied by the diversity of brands and agents.

Also in the recent period, central air conditioning had the lion’s share of the demand in the market,

where the demand for it was from workplaces and commercial malls,

but with the development of types and forms of central air conditioning,

but the demand for it has become the current period inside homes,

so we can now learn about one of the latest types of central air conditioning

and it is called (duct spelt) its advantages, how to install it, and ways to benefit from it.

Central air conditioning (duct split)

Central air conditioning (duct split) its advantages and ways to benefit from it

The first question you can ask is what is the central air condition (split),

and for the answer is a type of air conditioner that combines central air conditioning with separate air conditioning;

it is also called because its composition includes the separate outdoor unit of the separate air conditioner,

in addition to the datas that are used in central air conditioning,

there is a great similarity between it and Regular household cable air conditioners,

specifically in the method of installation, more than the installation of central air conditioning ducts known as air ducts.

Central air conditioning ducts are long air ducts and are made of sheet iron surrounded by a compressed sponge layer,

the function of these main air ducts is to deliver cool air from the split air conditioner units to the rooms to be cooled.

Types of central air conditioning ducts


Central air conditioning (duct split) its advantages and ways to benefit from it

  • Nippon Stone is one of the types of central air conditioning ducts of Japanese origin and origin.
  • Spaco is one of the Gulf industries that started and is considered to have originated in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Oscar duct air conditioning plant in the largest factories in African countries.
  • Duck called Indian Indian.

And according to the different types of ducts,

the choice of the most suitable duct for installation depends on many factors,

which are taken into consideration by the consultant who develops the required standard and conditions;

Central air conditioning features (duct split)

  • It is distinguished by the lower price than other systems of central conditioning.
  • Prices for fixtures and fittings are lower for this system than for other central conditioning systems.
  • Also the low cost in relation to maintenance, and as we know that any system of central air conditioning systems needs periodic maintenance, and the low cost is a major advantage of the split duct system.
  • This system is electricity-saving, because instead of simply using a separate unit of 1.5 horsepower in each room, you can use one unit of 5 horsepower to cool three rooms.

Window air conditioner:

Window air conditioner is the most used air conditioner in single rooms. In this air conditioner, all components, i.e. compressor, condenser, extension valve or coil, evaporator and cooling coil are put in one box. This unit is installed in a hole made in the wall of the room, this conditioner will not be ideal for a larger house or more room than a room, as it does not effectively cool in wide or open places.

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There is a type as a support for window air conditioners and it is called portable air conditioners. Portable air conditioners are the next generator for window units. This type receives the air from the room, cools it, and then directs it back into the room. The unit then ventilates any warm air outside the exhaust hose installed in a window.

Portable air conditioners are designed to cool only one room. It is easy to install, versatile and affordable. You’ll find it has the ability to easily adapt air conditioning and make it cold on a hot summer day.

أنواع أنظمة تكييف الهواء - Types of air conditioning systems

Split or split air conditioner:

The separate air conditioner consists of two parts: the outdoor unit and the indoor unit. The out-of-room outdoor unit includes components such as compressor, capacitor, and expansion valve. The indoor unit includes the evaporator or cooling coil and the cooling fan. For this unit, you don’t have to create any holes in the wall of the room. Moreover, the separate units currently have aesthetic shapes and do not occupy as much space as the window unit. The separate air conditioner can be used to cool one or two rooms.

Packed air conditioner

The AC designer will suggest this type of air conditioner if you want to cool more than two rooms or more space in your home or office. There are two possible arrangements with the package unit. In the first component, all components, such as compressor and condenser (which can be cooled with air or water cooled) and the expansion valve and evaporator are placed in one box. Cold air is thrown by a high-capacity blower, and it flows through the channels placed in different rooms. In the second arrangement, the compressor and the capacitor are placed in one sheath. Compressed gas passes through individual units, consisting of expansion valve and cooler coil, located in different rooms.

Heat pumps (floor heating and cooling)

Heat pump is a kind of separate air conditioner system that uses both heating and cooling functions in the home. During the summer months, it provides cool air to flow around the house, and during the winter months, it provides warm air for comfort in cold weather. There are two types of heat pumps available:

Air Source Heat Pumps: These pumps pull heat from the air or release heat from home outdoors. Air source heat pumps achieve the target of heat and cool regardless of weather.

Geothermal heat pumps: Also known as geothermal heat pumps, they pull heat or return heat to the ground in order to cool and heat the home.

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Benefits of its installation within the gypsum ceiling


Central air conditioning (duct split) its advantages and ways to benefit from it

The central air-conditioning of the duct technology is not separated from the process of installing gypsum,

as it is necessary to agree in advance between the technicians on both sides before starting any step. Central (duct split):

  • The ability to install this type of air conditioning system with a split system,

in a way that does not contradict the designs of the decor,

because all the air ducts and installations inside the gypsum works and gypsum ceiling are simply hidden.

  • Gypsum ductility is an essential choice for this task,

as gypsum shapes consistent with the decoration work can be designed easily to suit the work of the air conditioning system,

and with the customer’s taste.

Conditions for installing the central conditioning system

  • A suitable ceiling height should not be less than 3.40 m, as the air ducts acquire 30.40 cm of this height.
  • The split split air conditioner is installed directly under the ceiling by 20 cm, so that we can hide it after placing the gypsum.

In the end, this system, the split system for central air conditioning,

has proven successful and has increased demand in the recent period,

on the one hand because of its distinction in the method of installation as it does not conflict with home decor,

and on the other hand, savings in electricity consumption.

What are the advantages of using the package and sheal conditioning?

  • It cools wider areas than ordinary split air conditioners, and saves electricity if used in the right place.
  • It is easy to maintain as the central unit is far from the place where it is installed.
  • Does not make noise as opposed to normal air conditioners.

However, it also has drawbacks

  • If the central unit malfunctions, the system cools the system completely. This is in contrast to the split conditioning, each place has its own unit.
  • The costs of installing and maintaining the package and shiller conditioning are high compared to the regular conditioners.
  • For installation, the building’s roof must be high to use the suspended ceiling of the pipes.

What is the size of the project that uses the Package and Schiller conditioning?

The conditioning of Pakage and Shillers, which provides them with advantages that make them the focus of attention of the owners of companies and large offices, as their goals aim to provide a suitable temperature in large areas.
As it must be more than the area of the place more than 800 meters, and if it is less than this area, it is advised to use the split air conditioning.

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