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Here you’ll find all the news and events of architectural competitions. Our goal is to spread the passion for architecture in the Arab world.

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Open call: international architectural competition for reconstruction of Railway Station, Central Station Square and Public transport terminal in Vilnius, Lithuania

Vilnius city municipality, along side Lithuanian Railways (LTG), have just announced an open international architectural competition for reconstruction of railroad station , Central Station Square and conveyance terminal in Vilnius,…

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Quarantine Pod

“Quarantine Pod” How to accept Pandemics Forming a pod means total honesty on each family’s part to require care of every other, considering the infected and therefore the healthy within…

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Concrete in architecture is an architecture competition organized by archiol in association with artuminate. Concrete is a crucial material within the field of architecture and construction. what’s the past, present,…

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Introduction The most significant architecture space that we experience throughout lives is our home, what is going to be the thought of range in the year 2121? With technological advancement…

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WARMING Competition 2021

Our world is changing. Imagine Mumbai and Miami permanently underwater, hurricanes frequently clashing against Manhattan and Manila, devastating droughts in l. a. and London, and fires running rampant in Sydney…

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Architectural competitions are part of the basis for design development and refining the talent of the architect who must master the challenge in architectural competitions

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