Creative Discovery Challenge powered by NISSAN

Creative Discovery Challenge powered by NISSAN

People’s ability to create is constantly evolving.
We believe that there is always value in enriching someone’s life.

By using not just cutting-edge technology, but also a change of mindset, we believe it is possible to uncover the unseen value hidden in everyday things.

We hope to give new value to the every day by combining familiar objects with new ideas.

In this open call, we ask you to propose innovative ideas and designs. Using “Bricolage*,” we want you to leverage your unique perspective to propose a new way to enhance everyday life.

Entries are open to a wide range of creations—both tangible and intangible—including products and services.

By allowing people from varied backgrounds to share their ideas, this project hopes to encourage further open collaboration in our goal to enrich people’s lives.

We look forward to seeing a diverse range of creations from all over the world!

Theme: Bricolage

Bricolage refers to the process of “making do,” as coined by Lévi-Strauss. It is an artistic process that embodies notions of resourcefulness, assemblage, and DIY and focuses on creating something new and innovative out of whatever materials are at hand.

Example Projects for Reference

– The Inflatable Electric Bike “Poimo”
– “Nutritious Edible Spoon”
– Universal Design Scissors “Mimi”
– The “Mobile Bucket Speaker:” An On-the-Go DJ Kit that Personifies
– Street-Style Fun
– Turning Everyday Wheelchairs into Bullet Trains: The “Wheelchair Train”
– “Shigen Post (Material Recycle Box)”

Awards: Creative Discovery Challenge

General Award (4Projects)
– Prize money (30,000 yen) and a commemorative award
-Comments from the judges
– An announcement on social media

Next-generation Award(4Projects)
– Prize money (30,000 yen) and a commemorative award
– Comments from the judges
– An announcement on social media

People’s Choice Award(Several Projects)
– Commemorative award
– An announcement on social media


Architecture and Design Office, Founder of “PechaKucha Night”

Kyle Li
Program Director of MFA Design & Technology at Parsons School of Design

Kimika Tonuma
Editor in Chief of IDEAS FOR GOOD

Tetsuro Ueda
Expert Leader in the Mobility & AI Laboratory at the Nissan Research Center.


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