CuldeSac’s ‘F SolidPod’

CuldeSac’s ‘F SolidPod’

CuldeSac’s ‘F SolidPod’

Pepe García from Valencia-based Design Studio CuldeSac explains why simplicity was key to defining the F SolidPod, a novel gel and shampoo applicator produced from recycled components operating an estimated sturdiness of greater than 10 years.

How can a easy beauty product enhance a each day routine akin to having a shower? How can we revolutionize this expertise and make it simpler for everybody all whereas approaching a sustainable answer in a world overloaded by packaging?

Regardless of what folks consider, our work as designers isn’t based mostly on the addition of layers to an thought however the reverse; as an countless train to dispense the pointless till reaching the soul—the actual essence of a product.

The trail in the direction of that stage of simplicity calls for a relentless defying of current paradigms, solely doable by way of an exhaustive group working.

Altering the paradigm

When our consumer Freshly Cosmetics approached us with the necessity of “creating various options to sort out the rising concern of the surplus of single-use packaging within the cosmetics and private care trade” we already knew that we had been about to begin a collaborative journey stuffed with questioning and unclear solutions.

From the start, we addressed the undertaking in an trustworthy approach: we didn’t need to cowl up this challenge with aesthetic options and preserve designing various variations of discarded plastic bottles. So, we requested ourselves whether or not the start line was the bottle or the liquid inside it.

Altering the paradigm was the reply: the main focus throughout this section wasn’t going to be the packaging, however the product. We shifted from liquid to stable and began creating shampoo and gel bars that wouldn’t want a bottle, thus growing the chances of how one can use them.

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The undertaking was developed in response to Freshly Cosmetics want to create another answer to sort out the rising concern of the surplus of single-use packaging within the cosmetics and private care trade – © CuldeSac

Analysis, improvement & involvement

After agreeing to this substantial change, our consumer began creating a vegan line of stable shampoo and gel bars formulated with greater than 99% pure elements with out sulphates, silicones and parabens. It was as much as us to rework it right into a design icon, a revolutionary object for all sorts of customers within the want of helpful and sustainable merchandise. This was the primary task our group led for the final ten months.

Working alongside the analysis and improvement group at Freshly Cosmetics, we began from scratch and investigated the feasibility of producing a product that will enhance the standard stable bars by way of an ergonomic, sensible and practical design produced from recycled supplies that might be used for a number of years. This was not a straightforward job if we additionally wished to make it look attractive and easy, making certain an ideal stability between performance and aesthetics.

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