Design of a restaurant with a terrace overlooking the heart of Venice

Design of a restaurant with a terrace overlooking the heart of Venice,

Italian studio Vudafieri-Saverino Partners has unveiled a new Aperol Restaurant

and Bar that will open in the heart of Venice.

The restaurant and bar leads an exotic design concept into a new way to experience one of the city’s most exclusive rituals, becoming an Italian aperitif.

The interior design combines Venetian values ​​with the brand’s signature style,

simultaneously capturing Aperol’s century-old heritage and the contemporary spirit of the Aperol Spritz.

Born 100 years ago from the narrow backstreets of Venice,

the iconic Aperol Spritz has become an international social phenomenon,

a key moment that brings people spontaneously together.

Design Features

Tiziano Vudafieri and Claudio Saverino have designed a space that serves as a junction between past and present,

traditional and contemporary, and also combines Venetian roots with a vibrant cosmopolitan feel.

Design of a restaurant with a terrace overlooking the heart of Venice

As for the interiors, traditional elements have been reinterpreted to bring the space into the 21st century.

The Venetian Mirrors became digital screens for sharing images with other Aperol tapes around the world.

Stucco and handcrafted wood floors reclaimed from Venetian bricol (navigation poles from the lake) were combined with pops of orange.

There is a mid-20th century-inspired bar in 3D recycled polycarbonate sheets;

Classic shaped seating paired with neutral fabrics and contemporary style.


Design of a restaurant with a terrace overlooking the heart of Venice


Bar area Aperol “Bacaro”

This intimate, dynamic and lively space features a traditional Venetian wood ceiling with exposed beams called the ‘Sansovina’ ceiling.

The atmosphere evokes the atmosphere of the city’s traditional local wine bars,

and Vudafieri-Saverino Partners has designed a bench set for this area,

a small bench leaning against the wall with built-in foldable coffee tables that help create an informal and lively use.

The digital mirrors have a special shape, reminiscent of traditional Venetian mirrors,

and these virtual touch points are connected in real time to other Aperol tapes around the world,

creating digital connection points between different cities and countries.


Design of a restaurant with a terrace overlooking the heart of Venice


Restaurant area

The main feature of this space is the distinctive 3D recycled polycarbonate sheet service bar,

also illuminated in orange.

The stripe shape and ribbed facades are a nod to 20th century Italian tradition,

and this has also been brought into the 21st century again through the use of recycled materials and 3D printing.

On the wall behind the bar is a gorgeous floor-to-ceiling bottle display with antique mirrored backdrop and orange edged shelves.

An LED strip light illuminates the space and reminds visitors of the exposed beam lines in the nearby ceiling,

designed by light, with stunning custom-designed pendant lamps made of Murano glass.


Design of a restaurant with a terrace overlooking the heart of Venice


The outdoor area at Terrazza

The outdoor space blends seamlessly with the interior through large glazing

and has two distinct areas that represent different ways to enjoy the world of Aperol.

The exterior of the “Bacaro” bar features long tables, perfect for enjoying aperitifs while standing,

and a welcoming and versatile lounge area with seating designed specifically for relaxing evenings.

The outside area of ​​the restaurant has traditional bistro-style tables and director’s chairs

and is an elegant and comfortable space where guests can enjoy food and drink brought to their table.

Transparency, openness and strong communication between inside and outside are the main features of Terrazza.


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