Design of Espace Rivière in Rivière-des-Prairies

Design of Espace Rivière in Rivière-des-Prairies

Architecture Competition: Design of Espace Rivière in Rivière-des-Prairies

Espace Rivière is a project to house a library and maison de la culture, along with community and recreational spaces and an Accès Montréal office in a de-partitioned building. The multidisciplinary architecture competition will involve construction totalling approximately 10,060 m2 of gross floor area.

Competitors are free to submit what they consider to be the most relevant of the potential architectural solutions—retain, redevelop and expand, or deconstruct the existing building and construct a new one—provided that the needs of the program and requirements of the property owner are fulfilled.

This multidisciplinary architecture competition an opportunity to endow the Rivière-des-Prairies neighbourhood with a distinctive building with an original design that will raise the area’s profile and enable it to positively differentiate itself, while fulfilling the city’s duty to be exemplary in promoting design excellence and strengthening Montréal’s status as a UNESCO City of Design.

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