Designing a new social and cultural hall in the Czech Republic

,Designing a new social and cultural hall in the Czech Republic

Czech architecture practice operator A8000 has designed a new social and cultural hall,

for the Philharmonic Hall of South Bohemia, in the picturesque town of Ceske Budejovice,

located in the south of the Czech Republic.

Dating back to the 1970s, this design was reimagined by the A8000 Atelier, keeping the original,

minimalist beauty of the suite.

The pavilion of the exhibition center was called the Z pavilion, the renovated national pavilion,

as the space of the České Budějovice exhibition center gradually changed.

Where in the past the building was used for the public, only a few times a year,

for the most prominent Czech agricultural exhibition, it now serves the public as a space for concerts,

conferences, theater and visual arts events.


Designing a new social and cultural hall in the Czech Republic



Design Features

The technically complex suite, in black and white, is multifunctional and quickly adapts to a variety of programs.

The original form, when renovated and expanded, was retained by the architects,

as it consisted of three expanded blocks.

However, the basic principle of the minimalist building from the 1970s,

designed by architects Libor Erban and Jan Benda, has been suppressed in the past.

However, the architects from the A8000, responsible for the architectural design of the multifunctional Forum Karlín in Prague,

applied their approach to the Karlín project.

It was the botanical idea and the process of growing bonsai, which inspired the retrofit,

in the same way that a carefully selected portion of the plant’s foliage is cut, to achieve a new, airy and original look.

The architects got rid of the deposits of different periods and random layers,

which did not take advantage of the appearance of the building.

The original wing was completely stripped down, a newly exposed steel structure was used,

and the initial principle of the interior was upgraded.

Ventilation and austerity dominate the new look of the pavilion, with the main hall designed as an open,

multifunctional and highly variable space.

It can be arbitrarily changed from an exhibition hall to a conference hall,

or a theater hall to a ballroom, or a concert hall, and the stage of the hall is oriented to the west.


Designing a new social and cultural hall in the Czech Republic
Designing a new social and cultural hall in the Czech Republic


Designing a new social and cultural hall in the Czech Republic

The new design partition, the space into a closed right section and a spacious left section,

is designed to be free, and as airy as possible, as it is divided by a curtain system only.

When the curtains are open, the surrounding greenery flows directly into the hall,

and when they are closed, on the contrary, a perfect black box is created.

One finds oneself indoors, in fact, in the green, while all the necessary technologies,

including air conditioning or cooling, are integrated into the technology tower.

However, the architects do not hide it in any way, quite the contrary.

The tower was designed as an adjacent structure clad in steel with a glass gap through which technology could be seen.

The interior is also decorated in a neutral color palette of white and black,

where the muted color scheme allows for the use of funky glass.

It is complemented by a side glass of a natural green color, combined with the usual clear glass,

creating an almost dreamlike effect.

Thus the dim light flows in, enhancing a pleasant warm impression and an intimate scene.

Simple polished concrete floors, commonly found in logistics centers and production halls, have also been used.


Designing a new social and cultural hall in the Czech Republic

However, it effectively serves multiple functions, as it can handle the heavy load of machinery displayed,

including tractors, in a large agricultural showroom.

The interior space is newly equipped, with an exposed steel bearing structure,

so that the entrance hall and the main multifunctional space flow freely to the upper floor.

Two additional halls can be divided differently, and used as event facilities,

exhibition spaces or conference rooms.

A new glass elevator connects the individual floors and lighted staircases,

gracefully by a skylight that creates a cartoonish illumination of the space.

Design Features

At first glance, the suite looks clean and uniform on the outside,

while concrete floors and the latest technology dominate the interior, making the exterior look simple.

It is strikingly simple, with its Copilit (LINIT) glass wall, which creates pleasant color effects on the exterior.

A ceiling block, which looks heavy on the delicate basements, however, is finished in white,

has been put in a little unconventional, so everything is perfectly uniform.


Designing a new social and cultural hall in the Czech Republic


The suite, now renovated, offers a main auditorium that seats 850 or 1,500 for a rock concert,
exhibition space and facilities for conferences, graduations and other events,
and the space will be equipped with an elevator at the start of the New Year.
The pavilion has only served the public a few days a year in the past, but now has to come alive with a year-round program.
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