Disney’s new mixed-use community development in Coachella Valley California,

Disney, the multinational entertainment and media company,

has revealed plans to build a new mixed-use neighborhood as part of the Storyliving by Disney project.

The masterplan will be Disney’s first community project to be developed in Rancho Mirage, California.

New visuals for the main plot have been released by The Walt Disney Company.

Describing the project as “new neighborhoods filled with the company’s own brand of charm”,

the new masterplan communities are to be built in Rancho Mirage, in California’s Coachella Valley,

where Walt Disney himself owned a home and spends his free time with his family.

The project is called Cotino, and it will be built in the heart of the Greater Palm Springs,

where it has become the home of Hollywood.



Disney’s new mixed-use community development in Coachella Valley California

It gained fame in the 1920s, when most Hollywood movie stars preferred to spend their weekends in this area.

Developed as a city-like precinct, the project is inspired by both the landscape and its history,

as the company asserted, “The unique charm of the district has been combined with Disney’s imagination to create something new – Cotino, a life story from the Disney community.”

“This wonderful living painting not only feeds on its dynamic energy, but empowers all who live here,

creating a vibrant atmosphere that encourages residents to keep dreaming and keep working,” the company explained.

The masterplan will be divided into different areas, apart from residential units,

subject to approvals to develop a hotel and a range of shopping, dining and other recreational facilities.

The new project, which aims to realize Disney’s vision of vibrant places and magical possibilities,

will provide 1,900 housing units, ranging from real estate and single-family homes to condominiums.

The architecture and amenities of Storyliving from the Disney community will also reflect the history and current inspiration of the valley’s rich culture.

The residential units will be designed around a large oasis of 24 acres,

which will feature clear turquoise waters with Crystal Lagoons technology.



Disney’s new mixed-use community development in Coachella Valley California

It is a technology that enables “crystalline lakes of any size to be built sustainably,

with low water consumption and using minimal additives and energy”.

There will also be a “Voluntary Club Membership”, which will provide access to a waterfront club,

a club-only beach area, and recreational water activities.

This is in addition to Disney programming, entertainment, and activities throughout the year.

Disney will also provide access to curated experiences, through club membership,

such as health and entertainment programs ranging from live shows to cooking classes, charitable endeavors, seminars and more.

It will also inspire the richness of each locality, the theme of Storyliving by Disney Communities.”

Disney is developing exciting new ways to bring the magic of Disney to people wherever they are,

and is expanding storytelling to include storytelling.

Disney Imagineers explore the richness of each locality to inspire the theme of Storyliving by Disney communities.”

The distinctively designed indoor and outdoor spaces will also provide residents with new opportunities to explore, engage, and create the next great chapter in their story.

Embracing the idea of ​​inclusivity with its Cotino masterplan,

the company assures that the living spaces and entertainment areas will be open to all ages and will include at least one section for residents over 55 years of age.

The Cotino Masterplan is also being developed in association with Arizona-based DMB Development,

a company known for developing large-scale masterplan communities in the United States.

and in collaboration with Walt Disney Imagineering, the research and development arm of The Walt Disney Company,

responsible for the creation, design and construction of Disney theme parks worldwide.



Disney’s new mixed-use community development in Coachella Valley California

Cotino represents Disney’s creativity and operational excellence combined with the extensive experience in community development for DMB Development.

The Walt Disney Company has started its first location in Palm Springs, California,

but the company is exploring options for other locations in the United States for other projects from Storyliving.


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