Floating eco-hotel to open in Qatar

A very special luxury resort is set to open on the desert nation of Qatar’s coast as early as 2025.


In 2025, the architectural firm HAAD wants to launch a phenomenal project, a floating eco-hotel that is geared towards sustainability and aims to be emission neutral. Already at this stage, 16 other floating hotels, albeit of a more modest design, are in the pipeline by the time the World Cup begins in 2022.


An entirely self-sufficient eco-hotel

The HAADS architectural firm plans to build a five-star eco-hotel on the water, with luxurious rooms and suites. According to the architects, these will be arranged in a circle on the hotel’s floating round island. According to the current plans, the hotel will be connected to the mainland by a pier. In addition, it should be possible to reach the new five-star resort by helicopter or boat.


According to the plans, the eco-hotel should be completely self-sufficient, and not pollute the environment. Like the prototype of the first climate-neutral Melia Hotel in Menorca, the floating hotel in Qatar will also be powered by natural resources.


Due to the round shape of the island, the ocean current can be used as the main source of energy production. In the tidal current, the mobile island rotates on its own axis, driving generators that produce electricity for everyday use. This process, specially planned for the new hotel project, is further supported by solar panels and wind turbines. The unusual vortex-shaped roof over the central hall is also planned less for aesthetic reasons than for the efficient collection of rainwater. This is to be used to feed the many green spaces.


152 exclusive rooms and suites

Of course, the plans for the new eco-hotel also call for exclusive room design, as well as numerous measures and features for emission-free operation and greater climate neutrality. Unfortunately, no specific details on the design and room layout are available at this time.


Eco Hotel

The architects have only announced that each of the 152 rooms and suites will have its own balcony with a sea view. In addition, you can expect two large swimming pools, both in the indoor part of the hotel spa and in the outdoor part. In addition to a gym, you can enjoy the summer sun off the coast of Qatar in a large garden with a mini-golf course.


The opening of the floating eco-hotel in Qatar at a glance

As early as 2025, the Floating Eco-Hotel is set to open off the coast of Qatar as a carbon-neutral, zero-emissions hotel – a project that takes another step toward making the global hotel industry more sustainable. Despite the focus on sustainability, guests will not have to sacrifice the usual luxury standards of a five-star resort. We look forward to learning more about the interior design and culinary offerings, and whether the 2025 opening date can be met.

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