Green architecture and its importance in our lives

العمارة الخضراء وأهميتها في حياتنا

Many specialties have reconsidered their priorities and goals,

with the increase in environmental pollution and the exacerbation of the effects of climate change.

The attention of most disciplines is directed to the concept of sustainability, which seeks to reduce damage to the environment and preserve its resources.

In this article, we will highlight the concept of sustainable architecture, “green architecture”.

Green architecture concept

Also known as sustainable architecture, it is the method, science,

and system of constructing and designing buildings in a way that values ​​natural resources and respects the environment.

It aims to minimize negative impacts on the health of the building’s occupants and the nature around them.

The concept of green architecture may seem new, but green architecture has always been among us, especially in our country.

You can notice this from the traditional Arab architecture through the built latrines and mashrabiyas,

which provide natural ventilation and cooling for the interior spaces.

However, technological development, the advent of electricity, the increase in population and urban sprawl led to the loss of what we learned.

But the concept of sustainability has become more popular in recent years,

and serious attempts have been made to create buildings that consume less energy and are more livable.

Many believe that by simply using green roofs and putting solar panels on the roof of a building,

we will have a green building.

The concept of green building is broader than that, so what makes a building green?


Green architecture and its importance in our lives
Green architecture and its importance in our lives


Green Building Elements

The design is sustainable

There must be integration between the electrical, mechanical, and structural engineering of the building in the design with its surrounding environment.

Respect the site

There should be no fundamental change in the features of the site when the building is erected, based on this principle.

Even when it is removed or moved, the site returns to its previous state before construction was carried out.

Reducing the use of non-renewable resources

Sustainable materials are selected for their ability to be reused and recycled, and for their low content of harmful gases emitted into the air

Energy conservation

When designing, constructing and operating a building,

it must take into account the reduction in the use of energy that relies on non-renewable sources.

It should also rely on renewable natural energies.

Climate adaptation

The building must adapt to the climate and its various elements.

The moment the building is completed, it becomes part of the environment, like a tree or a stone.

This building can be called climatically balanced, if it can face the pressures and climatic problems.

At the same time, it uses all available climatic and natural resources,

in order to achieve human comfort inside the building.


Green architecture and its importance in our lives
Green architecture and its importance in our lives


Comparing green buildings to regular buildings, we find that green buildings:

  • Reduce energy consumption by 24-50%
  • Reduce CO2 emissions by 33-38%
  • Reduces water consumption by 40%
  • Reduce the generation of residues and solid waste by 70%.
  • Reducing operating costs by 8-9%
  • It consumes less than 100 kilowatt-hours / square meter annually.

Advantages of green buildings

Energy efficiency

The designers try as much as possible to reduce reliance on non-renewable sources,

and this is achieved through the appropriate orientation of the building.

With regard to the main directions (north, south, east, west), installing solar panels,

and designing windows in a way that allows the entry of light as much as possible.

This reduces the use of artificial light, and these and other methods ensure that the building uses energy in an efficient way.


Green architecture and its importance in our lives
Green architecture and its importance in our lives



Enhances indoor environmental quality

Indoor environmental quality depends on conditions within the building and how it affects the building’s occupants,

including lighting, thermal conditions, and air quality.


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