International Idea Competition for K-2 Brownfield

International Idea Competition for K-2 Brownfield

Architecture Competition: International Idea Competition for K-2 Brownfield


  • Domestic and international promotion to form ‘global agenda’ of the project related to K-2 Brownfield
  • Reflecting creative ideas through citizen participation
  • All matters can be freely suggested by the architect
  • Participants can propose a utilization plan for some areas of the target site
  • Participants can propose a plan related to the surrounding area

Competition Theme

  • Idea : Ideas regarding how to utilize K-2 Brownfield, for example:
    – A plan to create a global cultural waterfront city making the best use of the natural surroundings of Mt. Palgong and the Geumho River
    – A plan to utilize the previous site that integrates society, culture, industry, economy, and the environment
    – A plan to create a high-tech space in line with the 4th Industrial Revolution and the era of digital transformation.
    – Diverse and creative ideas to improve the quality of life

Homepage :

Competition Organizing Office
⦁ E-mail : (Mon-Fri 9:00~18:00/ Except weekends and holidays)
⦁ Use Q&A bulletin board on the registration page
※ Please refer to the competition submission page for submission standards and details.

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