Lamitex from Decoration Week

Lamitex from Decoration Week

Lamitex from Decoration Week

From traditional to bold glossy, Italian lamination brand Lamitex has launched four new mini collections as part of this year’s Decor Week.
Lamitex has unveiled its latest collection of interior finishes to mark the start of the second Decoration Week for 2021, an exciting event it launched last year to present its latest collections.

This year, the brand is releasing four mini wood chip collections that recreate the vibrant wood grain, ranging from a natural, natural patina to those that look dyed in captivating colours.

Since 2001, Lamitex has been in the surfaces and decor business, championing an experimental approach that originated from its inception as a research and development company.

In 2004, developed the highly specialized “Continuous Low Pressure Laminate”, which gives surfaces a hyper-realistic look thanks to its unique structural composition: a real revolution in materials, focusing on different areas of interior design, such as furniture, cabinets, doors, cupboards, wall panels and any other potential application In the internal vertical surfaces.

Recently, Lamitex has been looking for ways to translate this experience online. Last year, it launched a Lamitex configuration tool that allows customers to preview finishes in 3D without having to download third-party software.

During the restrictions imposed by the pandemic on the design world, it has since served as a powerful online interior design tool, where its clients can customize materials and explore all relevant specifications, including those of its latest releases.

The four miniature collections – Unicorn, Ancestor, Tropical and Fiorentini – were developed based on her research into the current needs of consumers. It combines the expertise of the sales department, the office of in-house research, the DR&SS method, and a solid knowledge of the market.


The first of four groups is the Unicorn, which draws inspiration from the idea of ​​a mythical creature, which also gives the group its name. Lamitex has designed a range of colorful, unexpected trims created with the Generation Z consumer in mind.

Playing with the love of this demographic of fun and stunning interiors, it’s an unexpected experience for the chips that reflect Lamitex’s unique approach.

While creating something completely new, the company also celebrates time-honored craft. The collection revives the effect of aniline-dyed wood, a 19th-century technique that uses natural pigments to give the surface a new shade.

“For this family, we decided to present the unicorn theme in a pop fashion thanks to the neon effect, because it is a mythical animal connected to the world of color,” says Lamitex.

“They are particularly influential as a solution in the interior design world.”

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