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Flex Desk, B+N’s BassoAlto Moves With Its Users

Numerous businesses assert that their products are a reaction to the ways in which people are working in the post-COVID era. But B+N Industries backs up that claim with observations of its own workforce’s work habits and research. The outcome is the new Gira Workplace Collection, which was introduced in…

Zaha Hadid Architects: migratory birds for Zhuhai art centre

Completed atop an artificial lake in China, the Zhuhai Jinwan Civic Art Centre is a four-winged structure with steel canopies designed by British studio Zaha Hadid Architects. Zhaha Hadid Architects modeled the center’s sweeping roofscape after the chevron-shaped flight formations of migratory birds in southern China. The center is situated…

Neil Dusheiko Architects revamps London terrace

Renovated by local company Neil Dusheiko Architects, House of the Elements is a Victorian property in London defined by a charred-timber expansion and a green wall. The Peckham property was renovated to brighten its gloomy, closed-off interior and to bring nature in, with the goal of emulating a “spa-like retreat”….

Kelly Wearstler designs Ulla Johnson store

At the Ulla Johnson flagship shop in West Hollywood, American interior designer Kelly Wearstler combined a towering tree with vintage furniture by Carlo Scarpa and speckled burl wood paneling. Wearstler designed the two-story, light-filled space as the main store for Johnson’s clothing line in Los Angeles. The sandy-hued interiors, which…

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