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Architectural News is your go-to destination for staying updated with the rapidly evolving architectural landscape. We curate and deliver the most relevant and up-to-date news, ensuring that you are always in the know about the latest projects, designs, innovations, and events shaping the architectural field.

Architect Job: Lecturer in Landscape Architecture

Updates on engineering and architecture jobs available around the world The RoleThis is an opportunity [...]

Designing villa facades using recycled materials

In recent years, interest in preserving the environment and reducing the environmental impact of buildings [...]

Initiative 99 Global Design Competition

Architecture Competition: Initiative 99 Global Design Competition Initiative 99, a global architecture competition to reinvent [...]

RIBA International Prize 2024

Architecture Competition: RIBA International Prize 2024 The quest to find the most revolutionary building in [...]

International DOMUS Award restoration and Preservation

Architecture Competition: International DOMUS Award restoration and Preservation Aiming to recognize and honor architectural restorations [...]

How do architects’ salaries differ?

The degree to which architects’ salaries vary depends greatly on a number of factors including [...]

Sarasota firm Sweet Sparkman is the winner of New College’s Reimagining Pei competition

In Sarasota, Florida, local firm Sweet Sparkman Architecture & Interiors has been selected by the [...]

Architecture Transformations in the Age of AI: Exploring the Impacts of Magnific AI and Krea AI

Architecture Transformations in the Age of AI: Exploring the Impacts of Magnific AI and Krea [...]

Design a safe and supportive space for those struggling with a terminal illness. Architecture competition “Hospice – Home for Terminally Ill” is launched!

Battling a life-threatening illness is an incredibly difficult challenge, and family and friends might not always be ready to offer the support that’s needed, regardless of what proportion they struggle . And while doctors and specialists offers support for his or her physical health, people who are battling an illness…

Bring back techno music to the streets of Berlin

Bring back techno music to the streets of Berlin by designing individual dance booths. Berlin Techno Booth architecture competition is launched!

Berlin is that the undisputed home of techno music in Europe, and doubtless for the entire world. The distinctive energetic music flourished within the underground scene of a newly-reunified Berlin at the beginning of the 1990s. Originally held in abandoned factories, hangers and underground stations, illegal raves that celebrated life…

Winners of Emerging Voices 2021

The Architectural League of New York‘s invite-only, two-stage review has been highlighting the work of emerging practices through its portfolio competition since 1982. The awards program has helped launch the careers of more than 200 North American-based architects. “The award spotlights individuals and firms based within the us , Canada, and…

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