Marble types and shapes

Marble types and shapes,

What are the types of marble?

There are two types of marble (artificial marble _ natural marble), which is formed and manufactured by each of them:

First: Natural Marble:

It is a stone that is extracted from the ground that is formed from the element calcite.

Natural marble rock is a crystalline rock that is generated in the ground of the earth as a result of explosions occurring inside its interior,

as it is formed and produces various forms of it according to the degree of the explosion that occurs in the underground of the earth. It consists of rock.

Natural marble and its types:

First: Dolomiti Marble:

When the percentage of magnesium carbonate in the marble reaches 40%.

Second: Green marble

When the percentage of mineral serpentine is lumpily high in the rock,

this type of marble is known to be the most solid.

Third: Agate marble

When the rock has a percentage of calcium carbonate minerals,

it is characterized by being more pure and transparent and has many types.

Fourth: Living Stone Marble

When there is marble with a percentage of aqueous magnesium silicate.

Marble types and shapes

Reasons for using natural marble and the reason for heading to it:

  • It is a rock that is not affected by the weather.
  • The perfect reflector of solar radiation and light.
  • Not affected by any climate factors well.
  • It can also be varied into multiple decorative shapes and to suit many tastes.
  • Can be used in places that need to be raised from elegance, such as hotels and tourist cities.
  • It is characterized by the continuity of its quality as it is for a large period of time.

Reasons that might hinder the use of natural marble:

A big reason is that if any of the oils fall on it, it causes stains that are difficult to remove,

given that the polished and fine marble rock can lead to slipping,

so care should be taken when cleaning it cleans well from any liquid.

The most important reason to keep people away from using it is its price

Second: Artificial Marble

It is a form of natural marble, but it is made of chemicals.

They made it avoid the damage of natural marble.

Artificial marble is made by mixing chemicals together and in specific proportions until the marble comes out well and with good specifications.

Artificial marble is used instead of ceramic and porcelain.

Industrial marble and its types:

Acrylic Marble:

It is the best type of artificial marble and is environmentally friendly.

Polyester marble:

It is less quality marble than acrylic marble as it is modified from it.

Calcium carbonate marble:

It is limestone, and it is less expensive.


Marble types and shapes

Reasons for using artificial marble:

  • Artificial marble is flame retardant.
  • It can be repaired if a break or crack occurs easily and without much spending.
  • The surface of the artificial marble has no features, so it is not allowed to form any of the fungi.
  • Its prices are less expensive than natural marble.

Things to consider when buying or using marble:

  • Ensure that there are no scratches, cracks, or cracks.
  • The thickness of the tiles used shall not be less than 2 cm in order to withstand the impacts.
  • Its color is suitable for the interior design of the place in which it is used.
  • Its size should be appropriate to the place where it is used.

Where to use marble?

  • Marble is installed on the front of the buildings.
  • Also used in the work of home stairs.
  • Used as a floor for homes.
  • It can be used to make kitchen marble.

Finally …marble is generally preferred because it is a natural stone that is very comfortable for the nerves.

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