Mastering Type Second Edition

Mastering Type Second Edition إتقان النوع الإصدار الثاني

Mastering Type Second Edition

Mastering Type Second Edition: Mastering Type, an international Call for Submissions, is back with an all-new Second Edition from Bloomsbury Publishing, and author Denise Bosler, invites professionals and students to submit their best work for inclusion in the 2nd Edition of Mastering Type.

Furthermore, Mastering Type is back with an all-new Second Edition from Bloomsbury Publishing and author Denise Bosler. This international Call for Submissions is open for professionals and students to fill the pages of the 2nd Edition of Mastering Type with fresh creative typographic designs.

Packages on store shelves, posters on building walls, and pages of a website — all contain information that needs to be communicated. At the heart of that communication is type: visually interesting, interactive, expressive, and captivating. Each letter must come alive; therefore, each letter must be carefully crafted or chosen. A solid foundation in typography, as well as an understanding of its nuances, will help you optimize your visual communication — in whatever form it takes.

By breaking down the study of type into a systematic progression of relationships — letter, word, sentence, paragraph, page, and screen — Mastering Type Second Edition provides a unique and illuminating perspective on typography for both print and digital media and designers of all skill levels.

Through updated content, brand-new interviews, and the inspirational type and design galleries, Mastering Type Second Edition explores the power of typography to create successful designs, strengthen your skill set, and inspire your next project.

Organiser wants your best typographic work including:

  • ➜ Logo Design
  • ➜ Typeface Design
  • ➜ Decorative Letters
  • ➜ Monograms
  • ➜ Hand-lettering
  • ➜ Posters
  • ➜ Brochures/Publications
  • ➜ Album Covers
  • ➜ Custom Typography
  • ➜ Page Designs
  • ➜ Packaging
  • ➜ Advertising
  • ➜ App Designs
  • ➜ Web Designs
  • ➜ Interactive Type
  • ➜ Kinetic Typography
  • ➜ Motion Graphics
  • ➜ Apparel
  • ➜ Book Covers
  • ➜ Fine Art
  • ➜ Anything Type-based

Multiple submissions are welcome.

This competition is open to Design Professionals and Students.


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