Media Architecture Biennale – MAB20 Festival

Media Architecture Biennale - MAB20

Media Architecture Biennale – MAB20

The MEDIA ARCHITECTURE BIENNALE – MAB is the world’s premier event on media architecture, urban interaction design, and urban informatics. It brings together architects, artists and designers, leading thinkers on urban design, key industry and government representatives as well as community activists. Together, they explore the design and role of media in the built environment and its implications for urban communities and ecosystems.

The MEDIA ARCHITECTURE BIENNALE 20 (MAB20), originally planned for the fall of 2020, will take place on JUNE 28th – JULY 2nd, 2021 in an ONLINE format. All of the major events such as workshops, keynotes, awards and paper sessions will be accessible online from locations throughout the world.

Our calls for participation include: Papers, Demos & Posters, MAB Awards, MAB Student Awards, Late-Breaking work, MAB Student Volunteers. For more information on deadlines and submissions, visit

The theme of MAB’s 6th edition is [Futures Implied](, which opens up investigations into future scenarios implied in today’s urban transformations and emerging technologies like digital platforms, responsive technologies and smart city promises. How can we shape technologies and spaces to respond to their surroundings, contributing to cities that are both socially and ecologically sustainable? The point of departure is that technologies are never neutral enablers, they are built upon numerous spoken and unspoken assumptions about urban life, each with their own implications for both social relations as well as their effect on the natural ecosystem.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

– The Aesthetics and Poetics of Responsive Urban Spaces
– Citizens’ digital rights in the era of platform ecologies
– Playful & Artistic Civic Engagement
– Designing Restorative Cities
– More-Than-Human Cities

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