TER modular lamp by Paolo Marasi Design Studio

The Paolo Marasi Design Studio is showcasing their unique TER modular lamp at EDIT Napoli 2023, expressing their interpretation of light through this one-of-a-kind lighting piece. After graduating from Polytechnic of Milan with a specialization in Innovation Design and Product Design, Marasi created his own studio-laboratory with a team that focuses on creating essential and non-conforming products. Marasi captures the essence of creating sustainability through material selection that reduces energy waste and keeps production and distribution minimal.

The lamp takes its name from its structure and design being based around the number ‘three’. And Marasi defines light as an intangible thing that radiates and finds its representation in everyday objects. The metal skeletal structure supports a triangular diffuser to create a totemic and voluminous piece that is also extremely light. Furthermore, the concept is based on the idea of when man first obtained illumination through fire. It is also represented on the lamp through the triptych necessary for combustion – the fuel, the oxidizer, and the ignition. These elements are all shaped in the lamp’s triangular shape and can be seamlessly connected to create various configurations that would suit any space. TER modular lamp


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