GOMotor Store / NORA studioPilar Caballero

© Luís Díaz Díaz

architects: NORA studioLocation: Carrer de Reus, 08022 Barcelona, SpainProject Year: 2021Photographs: Luís Díaz DíazArea: 71042 ft2

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Between the cities of Reus and Tarragona there is GOMotor, a second-hand vehicle shop with an exhibition center, located in an area of ​​6600m². The project seeks to display a high stock of vehicles in the most visual way possible. Due to their number, it is necessary to see them in a row, but the parallel arrangement would only show us the cars from the front. Parked diagonally, however, we can quickly capture its overall picture. For this reason, the obliquity of the parking lots is taken as the norm and a grid of axes in three directions is established instead of a classic orthogonal grid. On top of the triangulation, a structural system is developed that spans the project area while adapting to each part of the program.Industrial Architecture, Offices, Commercial Architecture, Retail, Store

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