Kineki Prototypes / AmezcuaAndreas Luco

© Jaime Navarro

architects: AmezcuaLocation: Tepoztlán, Mor., MexicoProject Year: 2020Photographs: Jaime NavarroPhotographs: Fernando MarroquinArea: 740.0 m2

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Kineki is a patented “lifestyle” construction method that integrates natural elements with a visionary architectural design style and experiential purpose, inspired by and true to its core principles: modular cost-effective, and quality rich manufacturing with renewable elements, sustainable low-impact materials, abundant and whimsical local flora accents, and assembled and fused with ease. Kineki flexibly supports infinite design considerations, which allow building out almost any desired space configuration. These principles simultaneously deliver the premium product in less time than traditional construction systems and within precise budgets and schedules.Residential Architecture, Houses

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