ONE by Kwan, Kwok, Ng and Tsui for Project HK-UK

ONE by Kwan, Kwok, Ng and Tsui for Project HK-UK


ONE by Kwan, Kwok, Ng, and Tsui for Project HK-UK

ONE by Kwan represents a design that translates abstract notions in Chinese typography into physicality and materiality.

By isolating the ostensibly disconnected components of Chinese typography, from calligraphic origin to aesthetic realization, the desk itself attempts to explore possibilities of examining the activity of writing Chinese through design.

Using black wood as the material further highlights the solidity of typographical and calligraphic compositions. And the substance with which writing relates itself closely.

This Chinese-character-inspired desk is a result of the design brief of the font designer Sammy Or and the design mentorship of architect-artist Irene Ito for Project HK-UK. A mentorship and creative collaboration program to explore design partnerships and multiculturalism.

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