Ovenecká 33: ‘A Canvas for Imagination’


Objektor Architekti has recently completed the renovation of Ovenecká 33, an open-plan apartment in Prague, Czech Republic, covering about two hundred square meters. This project offers a comfortable living space and doubles as a creative hub for resident artists. Additionally, it serves as a venue for exhibitions, social gatherings, and provides a personal retreat for the owner, allowing them to personalize their living areas to match their mood and preferences.


Upon entering, one can sense a horizontal layout, with the historic building’s exterior walls serving as the only remnants of its past and a modern concrete skeleton providing essential structural support. According to the architects, the design aims to create a dynamic living space that functions as a canvas for imagination. Its ambiance is in constant flux, influenced by the time of day, the movement of the sun, and the intricate stucco patterns adorning the walls. ‘Some atmospheres are fleeting, disappearing in time, others are static, concretely experienceable and linked to the physical movement,’ describes the team.

open-plan apartment in prague integrates hidden niches, arches & intricate patterns
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Inside the Objektor Architekti’s Ovenecká 33 in prague


When users first step into the house by Objektor Architekti (see more here), they are welcomed by a well-lit area where a corner stucco drinking fountain and a woven throne built into the space create a distinctive centerpiece. The neutral color scheme is complemented by a rich green undertone from the nearby bathroom. The layout flows seamlessly, progressing from the austere geometry of a bookshelf to a passageway leading into the living space.


The apartment is divided into three zones – a communal area, a residential space with a studio, and the owner’s bedroom. Privacy is carefully maintained through strict separation between the bedroom and the lounge area, gradually blending these atmospheres. The bedroom, with its stucco detailing and storage niches, connects to a vaulted bathroom and a walk-in closet, complete with a secret passage to the entrance hall.

open-plan apartment in prague integrates hidden niches, arches & intricate patterns
Ovenecká 33 rises within the historic building of Prague



The different zones of the apartment merge smoothly into each other, with flexible boundaries that can be adjusted for privacy using vertical sliding elements. The studio bathroom, designed within a strict square module, features a stained-glass window that bathes the space in colorful reflections, transforming neutral white into a play of vibrant shades.


The heart of the communal space is marked by a terrazzo composition with a concrete bar, complemented by movable elements that add versatility to the area. The choice of materials, including stucco, elm wood, floor screed, and concrete, showcases the embedded artifacts and design elements.

open-plan apartment in prague integrates hidden niches, arches & intricate patterns

privacy can be regulated by vertical sliding elements



‘I enjoy playing on the edges. Within the design of Ovenecká 33, we experimented with different stylistic elements and the boundaries between private and public spaces. I knew right away that I wanted to create a space that was shared, open, and permeable, while still containing hidden corners and secrets. A space where you never have to return along the same route. A space that is distinctive, yet always changing, like a gallery or theatre stage, or like me,’ shares the client. 


‘I was lucky to find an architect who understood my ideas. We incorporated various oddities and materialized childhood dreams into the minimalist base; for example, a home throne, a kitchen that looks like a cave, or a secret doorway in the library. I had the opportunity to involve various co-creators, designers, artists, and friends in our eclectic play and participate in their interventions.’

open-plan apartment in prague integrates hidden niches, arches & intricate patterns
recesses cut into the curved wall serve as display cabinets

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