Parametric modelings

Parametric modelings,

The Parametric Model creation process is an important stage in the digital design process in general and in the Parametric design process in particular.

The Para-metric model allows the designer to make changes and geometric reconfiguration without erasing and repainting.

It also helps in exploring design alternatives as it has a level of flexibility that allows it to be constantly updated when adding,

changing or deleting a component within the structure of the Para-metric model.

The research problem crystallized in the absence of a clear perception of the various aspects of the specifications of the construction of the Para-metric model in contemporary digital architecture designs.

Accordingly, the research goal was determined to construct a theoretical framework that clearly defined the specifications for the construction of the Para-metric model.

The framework includes six basic vocabularies that define each of:

  1. Timing of creation of the Para-metric model.
  2. And the knowledge employed in it.
  3. And the method for creating prototypes.
  4. The method of refining the structure of the Para-metric model.
  5. The location of the application modeling barra metric.
  6. Finally, the multiplicity of the Para-metric models within the design.

The framework has been applied to six international projects that adopt the Para-metric approach in their designs:

  • Specific characteristics of the construction of the Para-metric model were identified, such as starting to employ modeling Para most likely in the stage of developing design ideas and continuing to work on it in the stages of developing details and manufacturing.
  • And the adoption of incomplete design knowledge in its establishment.
  • The definition of design variables in terms of quantitative and qualitative characteristics, and often the use of a single Para-metric model common to multiple design disciplines.

Parametric modelings

The term parameter is used in a variety of disciplines, from mathematics to design, where it represents:

The parameter is any measurable factor that defines the system or determines its boundaries.

The para-metric design represents a design process in an environment characterized by diversity and differences in design characteristics,

and therefore the exclusivity is replaced by multiple.

Studies confirm that the process of creating Para-metric models represents an important stage in the Para-Metric design process.

Construction of the Para-metric model: –

The Para-metric model is a geometric representation of a design that has both fixed and variable properties.

The variable properties represent parameters that are modified without scanning and redrawing any of its geometric components.

The use of Para-metric models makes changes to the design entity easier and has the ability to adapt to the user.

Modeling enabled Para Mitra to:

  • Capture and rationalize the design.
  • Building design and development of building solutions using rational, prioritized and integrated rationale.
  • Multiple design alternatives can be generated and evaluated according to various criteria and choose the best solution.

There are several characteristics of modeling barra metric: –

  • Diversity in the design phase in which the Para-metric is constructed.
  • Diversity in the design information included in the construction of the Para-metric model.
  • Variations in the methods of achieving diversity in alternative designs resulting from Para-metric modeling.
  • Variation in the location of the use of the Parametric model.
  • Variation in the number of Para-metric models employed per design.

The timing for the construction of the Para-metric model:

Para-metric modeling enhances the early structuring of design problems by forcing the designer to break down complex design aspects and their mutual relationship at an early stage.

It also challenges the designer by requiring them to abstract thinking early,

which considers computer support for the reuse of knowledge during the parameter setting process to be crucial.

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