Sculpt spaces with wallpaper set

Sculpt spaces with wallpaper set

Sculpt spaces with wallpaper set

The paradox is “Second Life”: a three-dimensional idea that generates an inaccessible space on the wall that you must define instead.

The physical obstacle is transformed into a fantasy opening through a portal, and escape to a new world.

You can cast a dim look at a distant panoramic view, an uninhabited place, devoid of inhabitants, devoid of traces of life, which must (re) occupy.

Where everything has yet to be invented, our second chance.

Second Life is a decoration for interior furniture, offering an alternative to the frequent vertical crop. A large area.

سكند لايف - خلفية فاتحة

Second Life is a print for undergarments, offering an alternative to the repetitive vertical crop, Images Courtesy of Simone Bonanni

The picture in the case of the previous pictures Increasing the size of the wall, you begin to perceive a strong sense of space and space.

Designer Simone Bonanni commented on the Second Life collection: “Living space is the free space between physical materials that, in turn, give it a subtle form.

This empty volume is where the air we breathe, the life stage, takes place.

Its shape is decisive. For this reason, the best design

When LondonArt asked me to work on the new 2021 collection, I wanted to create two shapes, Sputinal out of the wall, space space in space of this check, and Potential Escape.

For me, a wall coinage scheme was a wall coin that dialogued with interior spaces and could penetrate the wall, bypassing the notion of decoration, 2D


Second Life - ورق حائط برتقالي غامق

The irony is “Second Life”: a 3D graphic that generates a hard-to-reach space on the wall that must instead be outlined – Images courtesy of Simone Bonanni

LondonArt’s exclusive 21 wallpaper collection
The collection is distinguished by its eclectic decorative character which is expressed through distinct compositional balance and completely different stylistic combinations and textures that share a common inspiration around shapes and perspectives.

The new themes in the collection correspond to the evolution of contemporary life, offering unprecedented decorative possibilities.

Designed as truly gorgeous wallpapers on a local scale, this year’s wallpapers are a whirlwind of dream-like representations, tassels, fringe, nature-inspired patterns, monochromatic interpretations of landscape and architecture, and nuances and volumes that can revolutionize a space in the name of color.

A symbol of everyday expression, the proposed solutions slip like dresses through furniture and accessories, re-emphasizing the strong bond that unites design and fashion, as well as the bond that underpins the eternal relationship with art.

Sculpt spaces with wallpaper set

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