Sustainable Architecture may be a 2021 Architecture Essay Competition, organized by Archiol. Sustainability in architecture is achieved with the utilization of design strategies within the built environment that reduce the negative environmental impact. Environment that’s built supported ecological principles and resource efficiency .The competition, Sustainable Architecture is trying to find essay submissions on the subject of sustainability in architecture.

• A write-up of 1500 words on sustainability of architecture.
• a picture supporting your essay (size 42cm X30cm)

What are often submitted?
• Text of up to 1500 words or less. (1000 words min.)
• Image of size 42cm X30cm
• Illustrations
• Graphics
• Diagrams

Note! Registration deadline is 22nd March 2021, but you’ll submit you project until 24th March 2021.

Submission Guidelines:
• A Docs. File of maximum 1500 words.
• Image 42cm X 30cm size which can include, but aren’t limited to 3-D views, sketches, sections, isometric views, plans, elevations or the other means of graphical representation. you’ll include text labels, architectural markings & symbols and short descriptive text.
• The title must be included because the heading of the sheet.
• Your Participation Code should be written within the top right corner of this sheet.

All submissions should be digital:
• Text submissions, including footnotes, citations, and illustration notes, must be submitted digitally in .doc format.
• Images must be submitted in .jpeg format
• Vector-only graphics should be submitted in .pdf formats.

How to Submit?
Upload one zip folder with a docs. File and a jpeg. Image to your Google Drive or Dropbox and submit the sharing ink.
• File Naming: ‘SUS_XXXX.pdf’ (ex. if your Participation Code is SUS_1234, the file name should be SUS_1234.pdf). you’ll receive your Participation after completing the registration.
• Size Limit: 5 MB

• Competition is hospitable all citizenry , from all ages and cultural background, working in groups or individually.
• Architects, designer and style students are perfectly fitted to this competition.
• you’ll work individually or in group, a gaggle of maximum 3 people (Registration within the name of the individual representing the group, please mention the name and details of group members under the comment section in registration form).

• Sustainable architecture competition is freed from charge.
• No entry fees, direct registration.


Top 3 Entries:
• Publication
• E-Certificate of achievement
• Feature in Archiol E-zine
Top 20 Entries:
• Publication

Registration Deadline: 22nd March 2021 (Registration is Free Of Charge)
Submission Deadline: 24th March 2021
Result Announcement: 10th April 2021


Download the information related to this competition here.

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