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Kiyoshi Matsuzaki RAIC Endowment Fund and Scholarship

This endowment is established in honour of Kiyoshi Matsuzaki PP/FRAIC, 1943- 2012, for the aim of awarding an annual scholarship to be referred to as the Kiyoshi Matsuzaki RAIC Scholarship to a student enrolled within the RAIC Syllabus Program. The Scholarship advances Kiyoshi Matsuzaki’s personal belief in 1) the longer term of the profession of […]

College of Fellows Centennial Fund for Intern/Intern Architect

The College of Fellows Centennial Fund for Interns or Intern Architects was created with donations received from Members of the school of Fellows and Members of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada to support a deserving Intern or Intern Architect or group of Interns/Intern Architects wishing to market the worth and image of the profession. […]

Canada Green Building Council Scholarship for Sustainable Design and Research

This scholarship was established through an endowment from the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) in June 2006. the most purpose of the fund is to nurture subsequent generation of “green” designers by promoting and inspiring sustainable research and style in Canadian Schools of Architecture. The Canada Green Building Council’s mission is to market buildings that […]

Role Models Contest

Are you a design activist creating innovative design while promoting equity? Are you using healthy materials and addressing climate change? Parsons Healthy Materials Lab is hosting the 6th annual Role Models Contest to award design innovations for material use that haven’t any negative impact on the earth . This global contest, hospitable current students altogether […]

Supergarten – Developing a relevant kindergarten of today

Developing a relevant kindergarten of today

Premise Our children are sent to kindergarten with the simplest intention, believing that formal education is what kids become productive, happy adults. Education begins at playschools, an area that handles these blooming minds and their first interaction of out-of-home learning with their peers. While education curriculum varies from place to put how can build form […]

Open Call for Quality-City International Young Designer Competition (China·Tangshan)

City has become a crucial carrier of people’s everyday work & life and holds the aspiration of many many people for a far better life. The competition which is advocated as “Quality City” is a search and plan to transform the general public space within the city, meaning to enhance the connotation of the town […]

24h comics competition 37th edition – pandemic

24h competition

IF it is an international platform for competitions that aims to connect ideas from different areas of society in order to help transform cities and make them increasingly self-sustaining, efficient, and green. We are looking for innovative ideas and new ways of thinking. In a global emergency period, it is increasingly important that we think globally. […]

Berlin Techno Booth

Berlin Techno Booth

Berlin is that the undisputed home of techno music in Europe and doubtless for the entire world. The distinctive energetic music flourished within the underground scene of a newly-reunified Berlin at the beginning of the 1990s. Originally held in abandoned factories, hangers, and underground stations, illegal raves that celebrated life and freedom, and were fuelled […]

Home Futura – Visualize the home of the future

PREMISE The thought of a home has been pushed and pulled throughout the history of your time and remains being during a shift today. What it clearly indicates the definition is more of a thought that’s malleable and changes for everybody . A residence and a home could also be synonymous but not an equivalent […]


ARKxSITE is pleased to announce the ‘SITE TOWER’ international architecture ideas competition for architecture students and young professionals (≤ 40 years old). This international one-stage architecture ideas competition invites all architecture students, young architects and young professionals with a degree in architecture studies (≤ 40 years old) to develop and submit compelling ideas for the planning of a Site Tower located within […]