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Non-open Urban Development and Investor Competition ‘Weiße Kaserne‘ – Zweibrücken | Germany

Urban Development

SUBJECT AND TASK The association ZukunftsRegion Westpfalz e. V. intends to develop the world of the ‘Weiße Kaserne’ in coordination with the town of Zweibrücken and, therefore, the owners. The previous barracks area is centrally located within the city of Zweibrücken/ Germany (in close proximity to the Ramstein US Airbase), shortly from the town center. […]

Student Ideas Competition at the Chicago Architecture Biennial

Student Ideas

CAB’s 5th Student Ideas Competition is accepting submissions from 7th-12th grade Chicagoland students through May 7, 2021. Since 2015, CAB’s Student Ideas Competition has encouraged middle and high school students to explore how design can play a task in creating shared spaces and improving communities. Spring 2021 prompt—inspired by The Available City led by Artistic […]

Retail of Tomorrow – Retail Design Competition in post pandemic times


PREMISE  From, shop to the arcade to the emporium and retail emporium, there has been a continuing evolution of stories. Simultaneously from subscription boxes to the increase of quality packaging and therefore the conscious consumer, the shopping culture has changed. What remains constant, though, is that the physical transaction happening between consumer and seller. As […]

Supergarten – Developing a relevant kindergarten of today

Developing a relevant kindergarten of today

Premise Our children are sent to kindergarten with the simplest intention, believing that formal education is what kids become productive, happy adults. Education begins at playschools, an area that handles these blooming minds and their first interaction of out-of-home learning with their peers. While education curriculum varies from place to put how can build form […]

Open Call for Quality-City International Young Designer Competition (China·Tangshan)

City has become a crucial carrier of people’s everyday work & life and holds the aspiration of many many people for a far better life. The competition which is advocated as “Quality City” is a search and plan to transform the general public space within the city, meaning to enhance the connotation of the town […]

International design competition for a new Mosque near Preston, Lancashire

The RIBA has launched a contest for the planning of a replacement mosque on a site near Preston in Lancashire on behalf of an area registered public trust . The client is looking to make a landmark, timeless building and therefore the site is found on the brink of the town centre but in its […]

Women’s House in Africa

1st prize : Internship at Kengo Kuma + Construction + 5.000 € The “Kaira Looro Competition” is a world architecture competition for college kids and young architects, the target of which is to launch the careers of latest architectural talent, raise awareness within the international community regarding the topics of emergency, and support humanitarian projects. […]

Architecture Affiliate Award 2021 | Silk Matters

Silk Matters organization is pleased to announce the primary Architecture Affiliate Awards 2021. This award aims to market the affiliated career opportunities for architects who want to try to to quite architecture, and recognize the various talents architects acquire through the course of becoming one. Calling students and professionals from all nationalities to showcase their […]

Inside the box – Devise a classroom upgrade kit

PREMISE The in-classroom learning within the past few decades have seen significant changes, but not just like the one it saw a couple of months ago. Online learning and offline learning have different value propositions and levels of acceptance in our day to day life. But the year 2020, the size of change has turned […]

Sleeping Pods on a Cliff

The Sleeping Pods on a Cliff competition is that the third collaboration with the Vale de Moses Yoga retreat, located within the remote forests of central Portugal. Featured by the likes of NatGeo UK Traveller, Forbes Magazine and therefore the Guardian together of the simplest yoga retreats within the world, Vale de Moses regularly welcomes […]