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Radical Innovation in Hospitality

Radical Innovation mobilizes innovators from round the world with the ideas to propel the Hospitality and Travel Industry forward. The competition is hospitable both Professionals ($250 entry) and Students (complimentary entry). In addition to Cash Prizes, winning Students have the chance to use for assistantships from University of Nevada, Las Vegas, University of Illinois and […]

Spirala Community Home

There is a growing modern trend of individuals abandoning their lives in large cities and opting instead to measure in smaller communities. These intentional communities are an evolution of the utopian colonies and communes of the past, where individuals shared resources and responsibilities in equal measure. within the US alone the amount of intentional communities […]

Architecture of Illusions Essay Competition

The Architecture of Illusions essay competition is trying to find your thoughts and opinions on the role of illusions in architecture. what’s the impact of optical illusions in architecture, if there’s one in the least , and the way do they affect architectural designs? Renowned architects like Frank Gehry and Vlado Milunic are just a […]

Women’s House in Africa

1st prize : Internship at Kengo Kuma + Construction + 5.000 € The “Kaira Looro Competition” is a world architecture competition for college kids and young architects, the target of which is to launch the careers of latest architectural talent, raise awareness within the international community regarding the topics of emergency, and support humanitarian projects. […]

Architecture Affiliate Award 2021 | Silk Matters

Silk Matters organization is pleased to announce the primary Architecture Affiliate Awards 2021. This award aims to market the affiliated career opportunities for architects who want to try to to quite architecture, and recognize the various talents architects acquire through the course of becoming one. Calling students and professionals from all nationalities to showcase their […]

Inside the box – Devise a classroom upgrade kit

PREMISE The in-classroom learning within the past few decades have seen significant changes, but not just like the one it saw a couple of months ago. Online learning and offline learning have different value propositions and levels of acceptance in our day to day life. But the year 2020, the size of change has turned […]

AAH Foundation Fellowships

Applications for the 2021 – 2022 year are Open. The application deadline is April 23, 2021. AAH Foundation Fellowships J Armand Burgun Fellowship: This fellowship is in honor of J. Armand Burgun, FAIA, FACHA, a real pioneer of the Facilities Guidelines Institute, “in grateful acknowledgement of his 50 years of extraordinary leadership, dedication and vision […]

Call for Entries: 9th Annual Architizer A+Awards

Returning with relevant new categories and galvanizing jurors, the 2021 Architizer A+Awards will spotlight architecture for a changing world. Architizer, the world’s largest online platform for architecture, is now accepting entries for the 9th Annual Architizer A+Awards, emphasizing architecture’s role during a changing world. The Architizer A+Awards is that the world’s largest and most democratic […]

Hospice – Home for Terminally Ill

Battling a life-threatening illness is an incredibly difficult challenge, and family and friends might not always be ready to offer the support that’s needed, regardless of what proportion they struggle . And while doctors and specialists offers support for his or her physical health, people who are battling an illness would also enjoy psychological help […]

Modular Home Design Challenge 2021

A house isn’t always a home and a home isn’t always a house. The concept of a house is both universal and distinctly unique to every individual person and every culture from every a part of the planet . From big cities to small towns to tiny rural villages, each culture is influenced by its […]