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Architectural design and construction

Architectural design and construction around the universe I got off the train station, got into a taxi, and asked him to go to Pohang University of Science and Technology. I thought I could go down to a suitable place on the campus and look for it, but as soon as I enter the campus, the […]

Forest Airy Signum Design

Forest Airy Signum Design Forest Aerie is a beautiful retreat located in Saint Helena, California, designed in 2020 by Signum Architecture. Meet the:  flat pack fan, the perfect solution to the summer heat! Forest Airy Signum Design Describe Our clients have been searching for the perfect location in Napa Valley for years. Their exceptional site, […]


IQ-77-SL by IKOSA IQ-77-SL is a luxury penthouse located in Kiev, Ukraine, designed in 2021 by Ikosa. Meet: Shaped spaces in LondonArt’s “Second Life” IQ-77-SL عب IQ-77-SL by IKOSA Describe When customers demand everything unusual, classic and contemporary, you know it’s going to be a challenge. But that’s what ECHOSA was built for. We have […]