Ternary undulating tower in China designed by Hayri Atak

Ternary undulating tower in China designed by Hayri Atak,

In a city famous for its unique skyscrapers, Istanbul architectural design studio Hayri Atak has revealed images of Shanghai’s undulating Ternary Tower.

The 400-meter-high tower is made up of three separate blocks,

designed to complement each other and appear integrated,

thus adding a seamless transition in the world’s third largest city.

Hayri Atak wanted to create a skyscraper with a unique experience,

in which the openings of the high sections of the Ternary Tower change in a rhythmic pattern.

Whereas, the studio’s goal is to create a unique user experience through design,

whether for residents of the tower, its neighbors, or passersby who will enjoy “the most stunning city-wide silhouette”.


Ternary undulating tower in China designed by Hayri Atak


Features of skyscraper design

The tower will have a reinforced concrete core surrounded by steel consoles,

to achieve the desired look and feel of the structure.

The three separate towers must be assembled simultaneously during construction to ensure that the towers are integrated.

The architectural firm behind the project used Rhinoceros 3D, Autodesk 3ds Max,

and Adobe Photoshop, to create a unique design like never before.


Ternary undulating tower in China designed by Hayri Atak


Hayri Atak Project Designer

He is an architect, designer, and trainer who does his work in many different scales such as environment, city, building, and industrial design.

Hayri Atak graduated from Istanbul Technical University,

Department of Interior Architecture and studied architecture at Auburn University as part of his undergraduate education.

He had the opportunity to participate in different workshops at Rural Studio,

then completed his Master’s degree in “Facade Design and Technology” at Istanbul Technical University,

and completed his education in “Hotel Design in Interior Architecture” at Academia Nova de Belle Arte.

In addition, he received many awards in many competitions in which he participated during his studies and career.


Ternary undulating tower in China designed by Hayri Atak


Hayri Atak, besides carrying out workshops with different concepts in universities,

also participates in different courses as a guest lecturer and teaches in many different universities such as ITU, IMU and FSMVU.

In addition to previous workshops, he participates as a jury member in many national and international competitions,

embraces concepts such as the future and informatics in architecture and stands out through his exemplary and organic works in line with this sense of design.

He closely follows several topics such as modular design, prototyping techniques and robotics in architecture and continues his work with Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio.


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