The palm-sized home robot called ‘Ebo’ is as cute as it is

Ebo is a mobile, self-charging, family-friendly robot that allows you to call your loved ones at all times.

We don’t mind robots taking over if they look like that. The Ebo looks like something Pixar dreamed up and given the gadget’s origins, it’s not hard to understand why. Ebo as a pet companion was designed by the Chinese robotics company Enabot two years ago.

At the time, the WALL-E-looking can independently roll around the house, keeping your cat busy while you’re away. Roll on a set of wheels with a built-in microphone to communicate with your furry friend. The Ebo used LED lights and built-in lasers to deliver endless hours of entertainment.

The Ebo bot can still do all of that but the updated version comes packed with a few extra tricks. Thanks to the new companion app, users can control and move the robot around the house, wherever they are.


Using the high-resolution camera, microphone, and speakers; it is also possible to see, hear, and speak to anyone in the house. For extra points when it comes to crawling (or security, depending on how you look at it), users can take photos and videos 24 hours a day from the dock or out on scheduled patrols, and store them on an internal SD card.

Inside a cute little ball shape made of durable materials, the Ebo is loaded with other features including ToF sensors that can detect obstacles. It can stop when necessary, preventing collisions and falls.

It comes in two models, SE and Air, and the latter is the more advanced version, which includes a laser pet toy feature, a more powerful processor that means faster movement speeds, and a fall sensor that prevents them from falling off tables or under. Stairs.

The Ebo is essentially a home security system wrapped in a pet comfort device, ideal if you have a guard dog that isn’t fit for the job. Up to five different users can create a profile using the app and control the bot for different purposes. If not, the Ebo has a standalone mode for those who prefer a low-maintenance home security option.

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