Thessaloniki Design Week, Call for Submissions: INNOVATION IN DESIGN


The 2nd Thessaloniki Design Week is organized in 2021, under the most theme of INNOVATION IN DESIGN.

All aspects of the event specialise in the innovation, ingenuity and knowledge of young creators, getting to redefine and develop every aspect of our lives, from economy and production to the environment and health, through the planning of – large and little scale – products and services.

We invite individual designers, groups or companies from all areas of design to submit their proposals and projects, regarding digital or tangible products, services and applications that match the INNOVATION IN DESIGN requirement and fall into the individual thematic sections.

• SHAPING the general public SPACE

In the context of the rapid and successive changes of the age , there’s a necessity to redefine the prevailing means, tools and services, so as to upgrade and make sure the sustainability of our surroundings . Urban and public spaces are in need of innovative solutions so as to satisfy new challenges and achieve smooth operation and accessibility for all.
With a broader specialise in “Smart Cities”, new possibilities are given to deal with these issues through advanced digital technologies, from large-scale design and architecture, to urban green spaces and equipment ιn the fashionable city.


The constant change in living conditions results in reshaping the prevailing life model, personal choices and means, so as to satisfy the fashionable demands of well-being in our era.
The use of innovative solutions and practices and therefore the advent of latest experiences optimize everyday conditions in our personal space and develop new opportunities for private expression, communication, education, entertainment, usability and functionality.
Digital skills and online possibilities are expanding the private space, giving other dimensions to interpersonal relationships, featuring however variety of unpredictable aspects.


Applications should be submitted until May 31, 2021 at 23:00, at and will include:

• The applicant’s profile, including full contact information, and short CV (max. one page)
• The title of the project and its description in Greek or English
• Photos of the project in HD and styles in 2D/3D with dimensions
• Any previous exhibitions of the project and installation requirements.

Proposals may include advanced technologies (AI, VR, AR, MR, 3D printing, nanotechnology, robotics), applications for cultural promotion and accessibility, communication, education, marketing, entertainment, economy/health services programs, “green” management, innovative solutions in urban design, “smart” materials, versatile objects, etc.

All applications are going to be examined by a responsible committee, consisting of representatives of design, distinguished within the fields of architecture, digital technologies, product design and visual arts.

The proposals are going to be evaluated consistent with the subsequent criteria:

• Relevance to the overall theme and therefore the individual thematic sections of the 2nd ThessDW
• Innovation, functional value and aesthetic quality

The results are going to be announced in June.

Candidates’ participation in both Thessaloniki Design Week’s venues and events is freed from charge. However, candidates will need to cover their project’s cost, also as their personal expenses, just in case they want to attend face to face .

In the context of Thessaloniki Design Week, the 3 best projects from each thematic section will receive awards worth 1,000 €, 700 € and 500 € respectively, while the possibility of implementing some of them will be explored.

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    Thessaloniki Design Week, Call for Submissions: INNOVATION IN DESIGN
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    Call for Submissions
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    May 31, 2021 11:00 PM
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    Thessaloniki, Greece
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