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For an industry-academic partnership initiative between Korea Design Membership+ and Model Solution, Cheolhee Lee, Junsik Oh, and Soyoung Lee present TNTN.

For an industry-academic cooperation program between Korea Design Membership+ and Model Solution, Cheolhee Lee, Junsik Oh, and Soyoung Lee innovatively present ‘TNTN’ – augmented reality glasses with a heads-up display system.

“TNTN is a HUD type of industrial AR glasses and its concept is based on improving the inconvenience of industrial work environments.

It’s an all-in-one binocular device that aims to contribute to the realization of stable usage scenarios and we wanted to approach a familiar image through a minimalistic shape!” says Cheolhee Lee, Junsik Oh, and Soyoung Lee.

This concept is from solid plastic containing essential elements that are between organic surfaces. In matte and three colors that contribute to creating familiar but eclectic designs.

To use the product for a long time, elements for air inlet and load structure are further included seamlessly.

Glasses for augmented reality with a heads-up display

TNTN: augmented reality glasses

Skillfully featuring organic but minimal lines while emphasizing aesthetics, the most comfortable shape was considered for TNTN.

With effortless free adjustment – anyone can comfortably use this object in a size that fits their head.

“For TNTN we devised more convenient usability by one not only being able to adjust the front and back. But also tightening the left and right sides together” they add. 

A cushion that comfortably wraps the back of the head provides a little comfort for its usage in industrial sites. And at the same time – it contributes to a sustainable design by cushioning the battery.

“Augmented reality goes to the user through the UI section from the screen located inside the top of the product.
The experience provided through an accurate 110mm distance provides the best viewing sensitivity for the user’s work environment!” they say.

TNTN: augmented reality glasses


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