Unique bluetooth speakers from waste plastic and second-life e-bike batteries مكبرات صوت بلوتوث فريدة من نوعها من نفايات البلاستيك وبطاريات الدراجات الإلكترونية ذات العمر الثاني

In an era of mass production, where low-cost and low-quality products dominate the market, Gomi aims to promote conscious purchase decisions

Gomi one collection _ bluetooth speakers waste plastic and second-hand e-bike batteries

Brighton-based design studio, Gomi, has recently launched ‘collection one’ – a series of limited edition portable Bluetooth speakers. The unique feature of these speakers is that they are made from waste plastic and second-life e-bike batteries. This innovative process not only helps in reducing plastic waste but also gives a new life to discarded batteries.

Inspired by the cradle-to-cradle design process, Gomi creates carbon-neutral products and considers the full lifecycle of its products, providing solutions to the urgent post-consumer waste problem.

Gomi collection one _ bluetooth speakers waste plastic and second-hand e-bike batteries - cover
© ‘collection one’ by Gomi

The new collection comprises rectangular-shaped speakers that are available in three unique colorways. Each speaker is from the equivalent of 45 plastic bags and reused lithium batteries from e-bike batteries.

Every speaker is entirely handmade in Brighton, making each one unique. The signature marbling pattern of the brand means that no two speakers, even in the same colorway, will ever be alike.

To highlight this uniqueness, each speaker in the limited release will feature a unique edition number. By purchasing a speaker from Gomi, customers can own not only a high-quality audio product but also an eco-friendly and artistic statement piece.

Gomi collection one _ bluetooth speakers waste plastic and second-hand e-bike batteries
© ‘collection one’ by Gomi

The issue of single-use plastic is a growing concern worldwide. Flexible plastic like food packaging and plastic bags account for 290,000 tonnes of plastic waste annually in the UK alone. Unfortunately, these plastics are not currently recycled by councils in the country and are destined for landfill.

Gomi has taken a unique approach to repurposing flexible plastics into collectible products that last. By working with local recycling companies, the company sources raw materials from waste streams that would otherwise end up in landfills or incinerators.

© ‘collection one’ by Gomi

The brand then uses traditional craft techniques combined with modern manufacturing to create unique statement pieces.

Gomi’s ‘collection one’ demonstrates how innovative design can tackle environmental challenges while creating beautiful and unique products. Customers can contribute to reducing plastic waste and own a one-of-a-kind piece of art that also delivers superior sound quality.


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