Wellness and Well-being in Coworking Spaces

Wellness and Well-being in Coworking Spaces العافية والرفاهية في مساحات العمل المشترك

Wellness and Well-being in Coworking Spaces

Wellness and Well-Being in Coworking Spaces is an online event brought to you by the makers of the book “Around The World in 250 Coworking Spaces” a global guide on coworking concepts, business models, and founding stories. This event is an exploration, one that will take you from Berlin to London, Vancouver, and Amsterdam to meet founders and teams of coworking spaces who’ve used wellness as a means of differentiation.

What can it add to the overall experience for members? What are the simplest ways you can start adding more wellness and well-being to your space? Those are some of the questions we’ll be addressing during our session.

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