Wisdom in choosing building materials

Wisdom in choosing building materials
A sound product can only be achieved using sound materials, so materials are the key to everything.
This is especially true in the construction industry, the quality of a building depends largely on the materials used.
The building materials you choose will determine the overall strength, longevity and appearance of your building, therefore, be careful and selective when choosing building materials.
So, if you’re wondering how to shop for your building and where you can cut corners, this article is what you need.
Read on to learn the factors that influence your decisions regarding building materials.
As the name suggests, materials used in construction are generally known as building materials or building materials. Any material used in making any building components from the foundation to the roof, including doors and windows, are all called building materials.
There is a wide range of building materials available on the market and it can be difficult to determine the best options to meet your diverse needs as choosing building materials requires consideration of various factors.

Wisdom in choosing building materials


Important factors:
Life of matter
Budget/materials cost
Handling and storage
local availability
The required skill and its availability
The nature of the project
aesthetic appeal
to set
guarantee or warranty
After sales support and service
Here are some of the important factors that influence the selection of building materials and can help you while choosing the materials based on your needs.

Wisdom in choosing building materials


Factors affecting the choice of building materials


Strength is an essential parameter for quality control in construction and the most important selection criteria for building materials.
It also shows the ability of the material to withstand failure under the influence of stresses resulting from loads such as compression, tension, bending, impact, etc.,
Which can either happen due to the forces of nature or it can be man-made.

Life of matter

A house is what you make once in a lifetime, therefore, for the long life of the building, all materials must have a long life and require no maintenance.
The durability of the house depends on the materials used, so do not overdo it or be prepared to pay expensive maintenance costs.

Wisdom in choosing building materials


Material cost

Material cost is one of the important factors while selecting materials for construction because in the end it will willingly determine your choice.

Handling and storage

When selecting construction materials,
it is essential to take into consideration their handling and storage as this affects construction time,
labor requirements and equipment needed to handle them, and of course, cost.

Local availability

The availability of building materials also affects the cost and time of construction because
some materials are available in a certain place and difficult to transport.
In this case, not only will the transportation costs be very high, but it will also cause delays in the work.
On the other hand, if the material is available locally it reduces transportation cost,
it also saves time and construction work can also be completed smoothly.


the climate

Another important aspect of material selection is climate,
factors such as average temperature throughout the year, rain or snowfall,
Seasons, amount of sunlight, required ventilation and wind are areas of concern.
Hence the materials chosen for the construction must complement the climate,
when the climate comes into the picture automatically, the properties of the materials also come into the picture.
Therefore, make sure that the materials you choose are compatible with the
climate in which you are building the house.

Required skills and their availability

While selecting the materials it is important to know how much skill is required to use these materials,
as this may increase the construction cost
Because you have to appoint/hire a skilled person (labour) to use those materials
and if the skilled person or labor is not available especially in remote areas it will lead to delay in work.



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