Salon d’Art XR with jury Greg Lynn, HUO, Quayola

Salon d'Art XR with jury Greg Lynn, HUO, Quayola

Architecture Competition: Salon d’Art XR with jury Greg Lynn, HUO, Quayola

Please take a look at what launches. Architectural competition for a Salon d’Art XR. Extended reality needs to become more than nice renderings and simple copy of reality in virtuality. What is the sense of architecture in virtual worlds and what can architects produce and implement that goes beyond game design? I am sure we will get super interesting ideas from our students and that architecture and it’s meaning and power goes far beyond what we see with classical architects going viral. Virtual reality is not a marketing hub. And architects therefor should not abuse it as such but implement basic ideas of architecture adapted to the gained freedom of not being bound to real life. Shelter, expression of ideas, form defined by use, all these criteria still exist and these are the challenges in any world.

NFA ( was able to win Greg Lynn, Hans Ulrich Obrist and the artist Quayola for their jury. The competitors can upload their projects until 22 May 2022. The winners will be revealed at a pre Art Basel event on 11 June 2022 and NFA guarantees protection of their works by minting them to NFTs.

Download the information related to this competition here.

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