About US

ArchUp is a non-profit organization which aims to spread the architectural culture in both English and Arabic. It is considered the best-friend of every architect, designer, urban planner, artist, or even student.We strive to create buildings that serve as catalysts in order to enhance social change. The main purpose of this website is to share architectural knowledge and creativity; hoping to make a positive impact.

Who Are We?

We simply are a unique architectural site that promotes awareness about how important architectural competitions are for the Arab community. Our site is for everyone interested in architectural publishing and organization. You can easily find the architectural competition time and the geographical location in Competition and lists of events. Also, under the news section, you can keep track of all the architectural events and activities from around the world.

Architecture Characteristics

Here are some characteristics that made us choose our resonant name:

  • ARCHUP = Archive.
  • ARCHUP = Breasts up in the chest area.
  • ARCHUP = Advancing Architecture.

Key Features:

  • Register an account – to post and manage news, contests, and event postings.
  • Discuss any contest, event, or news item with other users.