Established in 2019, ARCHUP emerged in response to the noticeable gap in quality Arabic architectural content. Today, we stand as the largest dual-language platform dedicated to the world of architecture. Our non-profit mission is rooted in disseminating architectural knowledge, fostering creativity, and promoting a rich architectural culture in both English and Arabic.

Our Journey

Recognizing the scarcity of dedicated architectural content in Arabic, we embarked on a journey to fill this void. Our commitment to elevating the architectural discourse has resonated with professionals, enthusiasts, and students alike, making us a beacon in the architectural landscape.


  • Community Engagement: We’re not just a platform; we’re a community. Engage, discuss, and collaborate with like-minded individuals. Join the conversation on our contact page.
  • Research & Competitions: From architectural research to global competitions and events, ARCHUP is the hub for all things architecture. We champion innovation and celebrate architectural excellence.
  • Social Media Presence: Stay connected and updated. Follow us on our social media channels to get the latest insights, news, and trends.
  • Affiliated Platforms: Dive deeper into the world of architecture with our sister platforms, Archot and Architectural Code.
  • Some people may wonder about the meaning of the name “ARCHUP” and whether it refers to the word “أركب” in Arabic. The answer is no; our name “ARCHUP” is a combination of two key words: “ARCH” and “UP.” “ARCH” refers to architecture and design, while “UP” signifies the fundamental concept of advancement and progress. Therefore, our name symbolizes our aspiration to elevate the field of architecture and enhance innovative design. It’s a name that can be easily understood in both Arabic and English, reflecting our vision to promote architectural culture and develop a thriving architectural community.
  • Organic Growth: ARCHUP embraces organic growth in the digital realm, with over 30,000 pages reflecting our commitment to providing valuable architectural content. Our community flourishes naturally, evolving with each added page, welcoming new ideas, contributors, and collaborators.

Our Vision

ARCHUP is more than a name; it’s a promise to uplift architectural standards, archive knowledge, and advance the field. We are dedicated to creating a space where ideas flourish, innovations are celebrated, and architectural boundaries are pushed.

The Essence of Our Name The name “ARCHUP” is not just a label; it embodies a mission and a promise. “ARCH” is derived from ‘architecture’, and “UP” signifies elevation. Together, they represent our commitment to elevating the standards of architecture.

Our Visual Identity Our brand’s visual identity is inspired by architectural blueprints. When viewed as a whole, these blueprints resemble a spool, symbolizing the archival nature of our platform. This metaphorical representation is a nod to our dedication to archiving and showcasing architectural excellence.

Designed for You: A User-Centric Experience At ARCHUP, our primary focus is you, the user. Our platform is meticulously crafted to offer a seamless and enriching experience, free from the distractions of advertisements. You won’t find us pushing ads or paying for search engine promotions because ARCHUP is truly by you, for you, and dedicated to you. Our aim isn’t to inundate you with unnecessary information but to deliver valuable architectural insights directly to your fingertips. We envision a future where ARCHUP stands as an encyclopedia for architecture, a trusted and comprehensive resource for all. Our commitment is to knowledge, not noise. Join us in this journey towards creating a user-centric architectural haven.

At ARCHUP, we always work to deliver high-quality content and valuable architectural insights in a transparent and honest way. As we mentioned earlier, we strive to offer our services without resorting to advertising or paying for search engine promotions, however, we recognize that there are ongoing costs for operation and development, and we have looked at sustainable financing options. Therefore, in the future, we may consider opening up advertising, especially Google Ads, as a way to provide resources to cover basic server, development, and editing costs. We are committed to communicating with our community and readers transparently about any future changes and will always strive to improve your experience on ARCHUP. We thank you for your continued support and look forward to a bright future for our site.

Join Us

Whether you’re an architect, a researcher, or simply someone passionate about design, ARCHUP welcomes you. Let’s shape the future of architecture together. For collaborations, research submissions, or to host competitions, reach out to us through our contact page.


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