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Architects’ Lobby is a page dedicated to the presentation and interaction of architects and those interested in architecture. This page has been created to enhance communication between members of the community and encourage positive discussions and interactions.

What is a cavity wall?

What is a cavity wall?, From the outside, most brick, block, or stone structure walls [...]

Construction guide for using insulated glass

Construction guide for using insulated glass, Although they provide security and connect us to the [...]

Attractive aluminum paint finish for various surfaces

Attractive aluminum paint finish for various surfaces, Aluminum plating is a type of coating that [...]

An alternative to marble and its uses in interior design

An alternative to marble and its uses in interior design, It is necessary to define [...]

Understanding electrical diagram symbols

Understanding electrical diagram symbols, Electrical diagrams serve as the nerve center of any architectural design. [...]

Architectural terminology guide

Architectural terminology guide, Architectural terminology includes words and terms commonly used by those working in [...]

Riyadh’s Mukaab: Kickstarting Urban Architectural Mastery

In the heart of Riyadh, a futuristic architectural marvel is poised to emerge, blending audacious [...]

Starting Marafy project in Jeddah

For around two years, preparation was underway for the launch of #Marafy project, and this [...]

Work progress within the sports track project

The Sports Path Project in Riyadh is making headway with the development of the bicycle [...]

A qualitative shift in the world of architecture: innovative Saudi architectural transformations see the light

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is witnessing a huge architectural boom that extends to several [...]

Saudi National Day: Celebrating a Rich Past and a Vision for the Future

Saudi Arabia observes their National Day on September 23, a significant event that unites and [...]

Architectural firms in Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the most important investment destinations in the [...]

Curtain wall

For the defensive partitions round castles and cities, see Curtain wall (fortification). Outer non-structural partitions [...]


Effect of how information is presented on perception “Framing effect” redirects here. For the psychological [...]


Philosophical position   In philosophy of mind, functionalism is the thesis that mental states (beliefs, [...]