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ARCHUP an exceedingly assigned team that is constantly looking for architectural news and competition events. It includes engineers, creators, planners, architects, organizers, and more. You will never find another site which provides the same level of service that we do.

There are several trustworthy associations who have confided their contests and occasions to ArchUp. Meaning ArchUp is a very reliable source for all architectural activities and/or competitions around the world.

As a result, if you would like to promote on ArchUp, contact us at

Here is a list of frequently asked questions:

  • Where will my opposition or occasion standard be shown?

Contest and occasion flags will always be shown on the landing page of our site, on the sidebar of all subsequent competition/event pages, on the greeting pages, on custom dividers among articles and/or postings; just like in the daily newsletter. The featured choice also raises your flag on ArchUp’s prevalent weekly bulletin from the hour of posting until the end of posting.

  • Would I be able to buy more advertising(additional days) if my unique standard mission has finished?

Indeed, you would. You will always be given the chance to expand your mission at any time after completing a unique purchase.

  • Would I be able to change the times of my standard mission whenever it is affirmed?

Standards that have been effectively transferred cannot be changed. Excess days for a task can be easily moved to different schedule days. Any additional promotions can be purchased to expand or re-charge a standard mission at any time before the posting period expires.

  • Will my pennant click straightforwardly to my opposition or occasion site?

No, the flag will hold down on ArchUp’s website posting first, after which clients will detect a connection to your web page in the post.

  • Is there a person or word limit with my posting?

No, your posting can be any length; you’re the one who decides the limit.

  • Would I be able to implant pictures and recordings in my posting?

Indeed, pictures and recordings can be implanted into any paid posting. Essential postings permit text as it were.

  • What kind of recordings can be inserted?

Any YouTube or Vimeo video can be straightforwardly installed.

  • What are your flag specs?

Flags should be 300 x 250 px (or in a perfect world 600 x 500 px for additional freshness on present day high-goal separates) in JPG, PNG or GIF design. Vivified GIFs are fine yet please close to three cycles/circles in movements and 60 seconds max. The most extreme filesize for all advertisements is 85Kb.