National Air and Space Museum’s Student Architecture and Design Challenge

National Air and Space Museum's Student Architecture and Design Challenge تحدي الهندسة المعمارية والتصميم الطلابي للمتحف الوطني للطيران والفضاء

National Air and Space Museum’s Student Architecture and Design Challenge

Undergraduate and graduate architecture and design students and early-career architects are invited to participate in a design challenge in which teams of two to three participants design an architectural element for the exterior structure of the National Air and Space Museum’s upcoming Bezos Learning Center building. The winning team will receive a one-to-three-year paid position.

Also, This is a team challenge and all entries must be comprised of teams of two or three people. Teams can consist of a mixture of design and/or architecture students, recent graduates, and professionals with experience of 5 years or less.

Moreover, The team interested in participating should apply by April 18, 2023. Also, Teams will provide a small sample work that illustrates insight into their design aesthetic as part of the application process.

Furthermore, Finalist teams will be from among the Phase 1 applicant. Finalists will engage in a 60-day design sprint that may include sessions with youth, SI professionals, etc. In addition, this phase will include a mentoring component in the form of “Guides”. Two accessible, knowledgeable individuals will provide finalist teams with an orientation to the challenge and ongoing support throughout the competition.

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