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Technology inflation and the study of robotics purchasing supervision

Technology inflation and the study of robotics purchasing supervision, The use of technology does not necessarily guarantee improvement of a particular situation; On the contrary, shopping robots raise critical consumer protection issues: These are issues that existed before the advent of this form of technology, but have been amplified by [...]

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Architectural Competitions

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AIANY Design Awards 2024

Architecture Competition: AIANY Design Awards 2024. The annual AIANY Design Awards program honors exceptional architectural design both domestically and internationally. Projects that fulfill formal, functional, and technical requirements with extraordinary ability and inventiveness are recognized and awarded under this program as examples of design excellence. Projects ought to take into…

Forge Prize 2024

Architecture Competition: For the past five years, the nefarious American Institute of Steel Construction’s Forge Prize has challenged upcoming architects to design a captivating prospect of the future – and for 2024, the competition is inviting a broader selection of designers to join in. What will our future look like?…

The Way I See It: Art Prize at Tripoli Fair

Architecture Competition: To commemorate the International Fair Rachid Karami being listed as a World Heritage and World Heritage in Danger by UNESCO, the Embassy of Brazil in Beirut and the Instituto Guimarães Rosa – Beirut are launching an art competition to honor the event. Three prizes of USD 1000 each…

International Interior Design Awards 2023

Architecture Competition: The APR Awards are proud to present the APR International Interior Design Awards 2023 (APR IID Awards 2023) with the goal of celebrating excellence in the art of interior design. In interior design, it is essential to create a healthy and pleasant atmosphere for the people using the space…

DuPont Tyvek Design Award 2023

Architecture Competition: DuPont is forming a partnership with Desall to invite the international design and creative scene to utilize the powerful DuPont Tyvek material. This purposeful material has an immense creative potential with no bounds; it can be used in fashion, interior design, packaging, art, and many other domains. We encourage…


Architecture Competition: The BEACH HOSTEL UNIT is a creative solution to the Ideas Contest for the conceptualization of a Tourist Housing Prototype that is designed to be replicated together, with the intention of functioning as a Smart House, and providing the configurability in order to accommodate for different needs, all in…

Museum of Emotions / Edition #4

Architecture Competition: Considering how a building makes us feel may not be our initial instinct, but architecture has considerable influence on our emotions. Architects design distinct spaces to generate distinct feelings; offices make us feel productive and energetic, art galleries inspire thought and curiosity, and museums evoke serenity and fascination….

Arte Laguna Prize

Architecture Competition: The Arte Laguna Prize has announced an extended application deadline of November 22, 2023 for its 18th edition, in addition to four newly introduced Special Prizes in partnership with various international organizations. This creates a remarkable opportunity for artists of all mediums from around the world to take…

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With help from Marmol Radziner and Reed Hilderbrand, SOM’s Lever House receives a $100 million refresh

In 1952, SOM’s Lever House landed like a cool slab of wirecut soap hygienically set [...]

Battersea Power Station is more than just an electricity station

Battersea Power Station is one of the largest brick buildings in the world, notable for [...]

Fashion technology and innovation in fashion

Fashion technology and innovation in fashion, Fashion and technology, two seemingly different worlds, are constantly [...]

SKP sunken shopping paradise with a botanical rooftop in the heart of the city

SKP sunken shopping paradise with a botanical rooftop in the heart of the city, Before [...]

Technology inflation and the study of robotics purchasing supervision

Technology inflation and the study of robotics purchasing supervision, The use of technology does not [...]

Baths in Architecture: A Journey Through History and Cultures

The bathroom, as an integral part of modern architecture, reflects the development of civilizations and [...]

Architect Job: Lecturer – Construction Skills

Updates on engineering and architecture jobs available around the world We are seeking an innovative, [...]

Sustainability in construction using rammed earth

The rammed earth technique is an ancient construction technique, with roots extending deep into architectural [...]

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