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Classic style for elegant bathrooms

Classic does not mean the old thing; it is the exact opposite, where the value of things is in their classic. This may apply to gastronomy, decoration, fashion or cinema, which endure over time without losing an iota of their original beauty. In this article, the bathrooms are the best proof of that, as they […]

The difference between interior design and decoration

It is a common general opinion that decoration and design are two things the same, with most people confusing interior design with decoration. It is also believed that these two skills can be used interchangeably with each other, but this is not true. Interior designers have studied many topics in greater depth than just an […]

The future of interior design

Experts around the world are struggling to determine where the world might be in fifty years, and the future can be difficult to predict. And we’ve compiled some of the factors that we believe will shape the inner world for years to come. Technology is set to play a huge role in the future of […]

Arch Shelf: furniture for changing needs

Arch Shelf: furniture for changing needs رف القوس: أثاث لتلبية الاحتياجات المتغيرة

Marc Hoogendijk creates Arch Shelf, a theoretical modular shelving system, with inspiration from fundamental architectural components. Marc Hoogendijk, a freelance furniture designer from Sweden, draws inspiration from one of the fundamental components of architecture to create “Arch Shelf,” an exceptional conceptual modular shelving system that is wonderfully constructed in portions to meet the changing needs […]

The Garden: explore dreams and memory

The Garden: explore dreams and memory الحديقة: استكشف الأحلام والذاكرة

The Garden, a handcrafted outdoor furniture installation from discarded materials at Milan Design Week 2022 by Otherside Objects. ‘The Garden,’ is an ethereal outdoor installation of furniture from salvaged materials. It was unveiled by Los Angeles-based studio Otherside Objects at Milan Design Week 2022. Environmental awareness and the challenge of creating something new within an […]

Manned Cloud: reducing the impact of tourism

Manned Cloud السحابة المأهولة

The ONERA and Jean-Marie Massaud offer Manned Cloud, a hypothetical airship hotel that minimizes the adverse effects of tourism infrastructure. Jean-Marie Massaud and the ONERA offer “Manned Cloud’. It’s a speculative airship hotel that lessens the cultural, environmental, and economic impacts of tourism infrastructure. This project looks at alternate approaches to travel and leisure. Aimed […]

The Akhal Sheen bicycle: a high-luxury design by Extans

high-luxury design تصميم عالي الفخامة

The newest addition to the British design firm’s series of carbon-fiber Akhal bicycles is the limited edition, high-luxury model. Stan’s collection of high-end, luxurious bicycles is only available in 19 pieces and has a stunning aesthetic with distinctive 24k gold embellishments and handcrafted carbon craftsmanship. It exhibits amazing craftsmanship and lovely design in keeping with […]

Valley is an innovative, social and green architecture

green architecture الوادي عبارة عن عمارة مبتكرة واجتماعية وخضراء

The Valley building in Amsterdam’s Zuidas business sector by MVRDV for EDGE Technologies completely satisfies the company’s sustainability goals. MVRDV’s brilliant design for EDGE Technologies – The name of the modern, eye-catching structure “Valley” in Amsterdam’s Zuidas business district comes from the terraced valley between its three mixed-use towers and open to the public. Additionally, […]

Stretch: the perfect desk for work and for storage

perfect desk for work مكتب مثالي للعمل

Stretch is a creative warm wooden desk by Teixeira Design Studio that has an intriguing adjustable leather book stand. Stretch, a futuristic warm wooden desk with an intriguing flexible leather book stand by Portugal-based Teixeira Design Studio to increase productivity and provide users the option to choose between having an additional surface area to work […]

Dojo: a piece of furniture stimulating movement

Dojo دوجو

Dojo is a remarkable active kneeling chair made by NYXO that encourages movement and a sense of well-being. The multidisciplinary firm NYXO creates “Dojo”. It’s an unusual active kneeling chair that promotes movement to assist one stay alert and concentrated for extended periods of time and to generate a sense of well-being. The imaginative concepts […]