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Everything you need to know about Energy architecture

The World Economic Forum publishes a report every year that examines the global energy production [...]

The Newest Technological Trends To Lessen Your Environmental Impact

Changing regulations from industry authorities and trends in greener policy have allowed sustainability to get [...]


Grand designs, intricate forms, and intimidating architecture are less common in modern architecture. 2020 is [...]

Reconfigure environments with dividers and partitions

Sections and dividers are a non-intrusive way to help define areas or simply to make [...]

Fundamentals for Creating Net-Zero Energy Buildings

When assessed at the building’s location, a net-zero energy building (NZEB) is one that generates [...]

Dynamic architecture as a manifestation of the evolution of architecture

Without imagination there would be no progress, and architecture has a great role to play [...]

Five Prefabricated Building Techniques

The majority of you undoubtedly are aware that prefabricated modular buildings are constructed, erected, and [...]

The portable architecture of the future

Through the millennia, architecture has continuously given the populace inhabitable areas. There has been a [...]

Justifications for using hemp as a green building material

Without the use of pesticides and herbicides, hemp can grow up to four meters tall [...]

Retrofit Existing Buildings

Retrofit Existing Buildings offer a chance to improve the energy efficiency of commercial building assets [...]

Everything you need to know about social infrastructure

Social Infrastructure: What Is It? Infrastructure refers to long-term physical assets that support the provision [...]

Some examples of dynamic architecture with moving elements

Dynamic architecture refers to architecture that involves the use of dynamic elements, and the essence [...]


A MICRO-APARTMENT IS WHAT? Microapartments have been around for a while in the busy cities [...]

The Top 5 Building Technologies for Self-Sufficient Construction

The only way to build structures that are truly durable and self-sufficient is to incorporate [...]

Everything you need to know about solar architecture

How Does Solar Architecture Work? The goal of solar architecture is to design buildings that [...]