The DAAily bar: a new stage at Milan Design Week for DAAily platforms | Materials | Architonic

‘I bought an NFT artwork in Berlin and I haven’t been able to download it for two weeks,’ quipped Herkner, ‘It’s a nightmare! I don’t know if I will ever get it.’ Discussing the importance of being able to see and touch things in the flesh – or recycled plastic in the case of his Caribe collection – as opposed to the emergence of products designed, built and interacted with only in digital format, he shared ‘I think it’s so important to meet and be able to grab things and use all the senses.’

In this sense, both the Caribe collection and the DAAily bar share something important in common: that people – whether after years of cancelled and postponed events and cultural meet-ups, or weeks spent waiting for elusive NFT artworks – strive for physical contact, with furniture as well as other humans.

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